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Boeing 747-8 (Revell, scale 1/144)

Hello, dear colleagues!
I present to you one of my recent projects. The quality of the kit is high. The only disappointment is the way of fixing of the engine turbines. The front fans are actually designed to rotate in the kit, but this does not work as the blades are too long to clear the surrounding housing. Apparently, still neds to work on this feature. I had sanded down the fan blades by 0.5 mm and glued the fans solid on my model.

More assembly comments. I did not use the glazing parts. Instead, after painting I filled the Windows with Micro Kristal Klear.

Other improvements included navigation lights, landing lights and windshield wipers. Lights and headlights filled with 5-minute epoxy. In the spotlight made of of aluminum foil looks very realistic.

Painted with colors of Mr.Color. Decals from the box, but on the perimeter blow out the background color, because the prototype has no sharp edges at the end of the strips. Decals "NOT STEP" on the wings homemade.

That's kind of all. Ask to see what happened.

10 additional images. Click to enlarge.

18 responses

  1. Lovely, well done model Dmitry, you posted yours while I was compiling mine, sorry about that !

  2. It's a beauty. Is the orange area on the fin aribrushed or a decal? The fade-out effect looks very neat indeed!

  3. Very nice build, sir...(as always). You do good work, my friend.

  4. Hello Dmitry,
    All I can say, master modeller on this huge project.
    My compliments.

  5. Friends, thank you for your attention to work. I like to make a spectacular models aircraft that was beautiful to watch not only for me but for you. THANK you!

  6. Beautifully done! You make great art/modeling projects out of civilian aircraft - a great feat!

  7. Excellent work on a beautiful aircraft.

  8. Colleagues, thank you for your feedback.

  9. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Very nice work Dmitry, nice paint job.

  10. Stunning 747! Painting and decal work - 10/10.

  11. Very impressive, Dmitry, I like it very much.

  12. Looks simply impressive. Airlines look fantastic in this quality.

  13. Thank you, gentlemen, for your attention to the model and comments.

  14. That is one impressive model Dmitry! Well done sir!

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