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Eduard Focke Wulf Fw 190A-6 1:48

Hello iModelers, a modelling year feels different. Here is my second finished kit for 2016!
As said not much modelling, real live made following forums and modelling nearly impossible, anyway.
Its the PropfiPack kit from the really nice but somewhat infamous Eduard 190. Its needs much more work compared with products from Tamiya and Hasegawa but will end looking good, beside its flaws.
The markings are from the kit, for Georg Schotts white 11, from the 1./ JG 1, Holland 1943.
The bright cowlings of this unit are a nice touch and the used declas performed very well.
Paints are Model Master, wheathering, exhaust staining is the Lifecoler shade “smoke”.
The wing guns are canules from plastic glue bottles, cut to fit.
Hope you like this effort, thanks for looking.

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42 responses to Eduard Focke Wulf Fw 190A-6 1:48

  1. Hello, Bernd, may I be the first to congratulate you on a great looking 190, very impressive.

  2. Nice job Bernd, really like the did on her. There’s still time left in 2016 to squeeze in another model.

  3. Beautiful aircraft, beautiful model.

  4. Thanks mates 🙂
    Apreciated !

  5. Lovely job. Well done. 🙂

  6. Just, wow…..what a spectacular build. Well done, sir!

  7. Great work Bernd, I will PM you later in whats happening.

  8. Thanks again for looking abd commenting, Gents !

  9. Hi mein Freund. This is ONE AMAZING looking Fw 190. One of those WW II aircraft that looks aggressive whilst on the ground. Excellent finish and detailing. Well done. Master class as usual !!!

  10. Bernd, Great looking FW, the checkered nose really looks good. Congratulations in taming the multipart cowling and the wing root gun access panels. Really looks the part.

    • Thanks for the compliment, Bernard. Eduards 190 needs indeed much attention but the most surprising in this build were the decals, the chequers went on without problems, only after the application of a setting solution ( stupid idea to improve something that went well ) there was some wrinkle.

  11. Awesome job!. love the cowl work.

  12. Looks great, Bernd ! A good looking model, nice build, and an attractive scheme. I like the B&W checker scheme. I know this is not an easy kit, it looks like done a wonderful build with it. I like it a lot !

  13. Very nice and one of my favorite markings for the FW.

  14. Mr Know-all strikes again!

  15. That’s one great model Bernd! Doing the mottling/shading on German WW2 a/c is no easy task and you’ve nailed it. Most impressive. More of the same please!!

  16. Before giving advises to the “poor ones” you should improve your own modelling or photographing as well. The modelling scene is full of really brilliant examples of modelling and presentation were we can learn from !

  17. Hi Bernd. Really like your ‘190. Camouflage looks great. You’ve given me inspiration to finish a ‘190 a friend started.
    Well done again!

  18. Thank you for the warm words, Tony. Can t wait to see the roll out of yours.

  19. Wow, that’s a really well done FW190. I like it … A LOT!
    Hope mine comes out that good, when I get around to building it that is 🙂
    At least you’ve done 2 so far Bernd, I’ve only completed 1 🙁

  20. Hey, Bernd….good to see you back posting (and a fine example to kick things off as well).

  21. Everyone else has stolen my thunder – so… what they all said! She’s a beauty! Love the cowling coloring.

  22. Your back!! Nice build as well mate! Thanks for the comments on my builds also. I haven’t had time to reply individually as I’m in the middle of moving house, but I will eventually!

  23. Hi Richard, that sounds very busy so keep an eye on your pets 🙂

  24. Thanks again for all viewing and commenting

  25. Very, very nice Bernd,
    A great result, the cowling is particularly eye catching.


  26. Cracking FW 190 Bernd. Don’t know how I missed it before as I have one that I hope to do. If it looks half as good as yours I will be pleased. Top build.

    • Hello Anthony, thank you very much. As for your coming project, just line everything ( underwing sub assembly,with the wheel bay, firewall and the hatches for the wing root guns) careful up, if you got this, you can simply “clic” the rest of the kit together. In the end you will be rewarded with a great looking 190 for your collection. Happy modelling, mate 🙂

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