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Re-scaling a life boat. From 1/48 to G scale

October 8, 2016 · in Uncategorized · · 21 · 2K

I needed a better looking lifeboat for my Bristol Bay trawler (see my earlier posts) and the hull shape had to be just right for my purpose. That's when I happened upon a U.S. Coast Guard rescue boat at a really nice price. I used a few of the original pieces cut down a bit and a bit of Evergreen plastic stock. The ores were a bit of a challenge. But it was a lot of fun.

This is a three to four man boat with a one cylinder diesel engine.

I hope you like my bit of maritime madness..

California Steve

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  1. Hi Steve. Is the figure scaled to the boat? Nice display base. Is that with the kit?

    • Hello Rob, I would say I scaled the boat to the figure. The figure is 1/20th scale. And that little base came with the kit. It is really different, and holds the boat well.
      Thanks Rob
      California Steve

  2. Looks nice will have a look on your trawler

    • Thanks Bernd. The lifeboat that came with the trawler is as big as a bathtub. I am not sure if I'm going to stow it on deck or secure it off the stern.
      Glad you liked her Bernd.
      California Steve

  3. Excellent conversion, Is that Quig from Jaws?

  4. So, G scale is approx 1/35? Whatever, I'd like to see it floating, maybe with a glowplug engine on the back!

  5. Hey George. G scale is larger that 1/35. The figure is 1/20th scale for the larger garden railway type train sets. I'm pretending it has a one cylinder diesel engine.
    Thanks George.
    California Steve

  6. Steve, amazing! You made it work, and the figure apparently is holding a bottle, probably with seasickness remedy. Not that railroad workers drink! Naw! Someone else here has a whole series based on this kit. Thinking I oughta get me one, as it looks like fun. Both the boat and the kit have served a long time, and should be remembered and celebrated.

  7. Thanks Bernard. When I saw the hull shape at the hobby store and the very reasonable price of $10.00 I was very pleased. Even built straight from the box this is a very nice kit. If you or anyone else reading this posts remembers who built and posted this model please let us know. I would enjoy to visit their build.
    Thank you again Bernard.

  8. Thanks Robert. Mike did a fantastic job modifying his series of models.
    Thanks again.

  9. i still say ...your heck with those figures...great job all around

  10. Why thank you very much Bob. Paint, dry brush, seal with Dullcoat, then a easy dry brush seems to work out ok.
    California Steve

  11. Always a treat to see your projects, Steve...never stop thinkin', my friend.

  12. Great little model. Shows what can be done with a bit of imagination.

  13. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Interesting model there Steve, very nice work.
    About that figure, I really don't know of Quint, reminds me more of Dr. Phil.

  14. Why thank you very much. You might be on to something here.
    California Steve

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