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Star Wars Rebel U-Wing, Incom UT-60D

October 27, 2016 · in Sci-fi · · 14 Comments

Rebel U-Wing, Incom UT-60D
This new plane will appear in Star Wars Rogue One Disney movie.
ILM told that 781 pre designs reportedly was needed, before the U-Wings final design was released and the machine was presented to the public August 2016.
U-Wing facts can be found in over there [movie SPOILER warning] ->

Snap-IT U-Wing 1:100

Reveal kit is a toy or a raw draft for real model men and it is easy modern product. There's a nice light and sound module (shooting and engine noise) + wings can be twisted conveniently to the desired position. The kit is easy to build within in five (5) minutes, if you are in a hurry. Painting and aging/weathering can take much longer -> as long as you want.

U-Wing will perform in Rogue One movie which premiers December 2016. The reference pictures are therefore, still in short supply. A few clips from the movie, render video, location pictures …

Base painted with Mr. Surfacer (heavily diluted with Tamiya Yellow Cap thinner. Plastic of this kit is a little rubbery, so I thought the Mr. Surfacer would be a better choice than an acrylic base color.
I used Millennium Falcon as a basic painting guideline (cockpit included). Basic color is Tamiya Deck Tan grey + white mix (but a bit lighter/colder than orig. Falcon). Restrained weathering with oils & pastels (brown, yellow, black, white). Yellow and blue areas I painted using same colors as the original Revell model (I repainted them while I sanded the whole plane first …).

I used Vallejo metal paints to engines (steel, engine burn, matt nato black, bronze). Engine glow I made with blue + white wash - by my surprise it became quite nice looking. To engine surfaces I scratched some panel lines and damages which then oiled even to worse condition. This plane is from the beginning of the movie while it is quite in a good shape 😉 I can weather more and put some extra damages into this (or even build a shot down diorama …) when there will be more reference photos (and movie) available.

This is a nice relaxed modern model to do. It is interesting to see U-Wing in the upcoming film. More features on the machine will also be revealed. Wings of this kit were pretty simple - the front and the trailing edge will need to be modified, when more detailed structure is revealed. Revell might do another model of U-Wings while there are details ready in this model which are now invisible to your eye eg. there are details behind the tailgate … (of course you can saw the door open but details might be there for another version or scale U-Wing … that depends on how much all Star Wars hippies will love this plane design - that is only my own speculation).
Our son likes to fly with this thing so much that I advice him to save shooting & sound batteries while they cannot be replaced (… a small white lie to him …).

May the Force will be with you & do not slip to do the DARK SIDE!

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14 responses

  1. Nice lookin' build, sir...probably one of those kits that can't really be finished "wrong". I like it.

  2. Thank you Graig. You are right about that wrong finish 🙂 (unless you'll show the model to the fundamentalist StarWars hippie) and you can continue to do the weathering and damaging forever ...

  3. Bandai have recently released a Battle Droid figure in I think 1/12 which is pretty impressive. These new Star Wars trends are interesting and give a new dimension to fantasy modelling.

  4. Nice finish.

  5. I don't build sci-fi, but looks like a great canvas for practicing detailing and weathering skills! Looks nice (I am a Star Wars fan, at least!).

  6. As my friend Greg mentioned, I don't do sci-fi either, but a nice model is a nice model, and this looks like a very nice one. I really like the weathered look on a space vehicle, especially when its done this nice. Good modeling !

  7. Nicely done, I love seeing Sci Fi kits!

  8. The Force is strong with this one! Love it how Revell's easy kits can be turned into great looking models!

  9. I've never really been in to Star Wars, but I know a fantastic bit of modelling when I see one! Great finish and attention to detail all round.

  10. love it. Whats the exact body length of the U-wing, excluding the wings?

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