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Review: Banshee Build Review

November 30, 2016 · in Reviews · · 21 Comments

Jetheads alert! 's new 1/48 Banshee is put through its paces at The Modelling News.

The Modelling News: Building the Big Blue Banshee - Kitty Hawk's 48th scale F2H-2

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21 responses

  1. Finally a Banshee to fill a void that has been lacking for years. Don't care about the reviews, good bad square, etc. I want one.

  2. Just goes to prove even a Kitty Hawk kit can be "a beautiful thing" in the right hands. Fantastic looking result.

  3. KH tackles interesting subjects and the surface quality is actually not bad too. If only the fit and the accuracy of their research were better. I'm nonetheless preparing a build of their MIG-25 ...
    François' Banshee is a feast for the eye.

  4. very nice...i've got one on order from Hong Kong

  5. Well done Rob, a real beauty.

  6. Rob...can you explain more about your use of Gouache technique?

  7. Fantastic Rob ! Your Banshee is a real head turner...

  8. Thanks for vote of confidence, Louis, but see notes above. Anyway, hope the build review was otherwise of interest.

    • I really like this build. It looks to be light years ahead of the previous "Hawk" kit which I currently have. I've heard a few grumblings at other places online, about there being some errors with this and that. But for me I'll still purchase one when the opportunity presents itself... The article was great. Thanks for posting the link.

  9. Thanks for the look see.

  10. That is a beautiful build! Yeah, I want one, I'm afflicted! I can take it or leave it alone! Yeah, it's not that bad... Who am I kidding? Oh, well!

  11. Looks really good.

  12. I'm very interested !

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