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Friday Briefing

The eleventh month, the eleventh hour of the eleventh day. Lest we forget.

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12 responses to Friday Briefing

  1. Never seen that rendering of the dough-boys holding up that piece of ground…pretty profound statement by the artist. Makes ya think.

  2. Nice presentation, it’s my second Veterans Day with out the old man. Miss marching with him in a parade on this day, he never missed one. RIP, Sgt Paul Bebout, 1st Bn, 501st PIR, 101st Airborne. Miss you dad.

  3. Was thinking of my dad as well – this week I pulled all of his aircraft pics from my mom’s slide carousels, so I can get them scanned and made into a book. He often took a camera with him in the cockpit, and took excellent pics of his squadrons in flight, as well as on the tarmac. T-28, T-34, T-38, T-33, F-100, F-101, F-105, and F-4.

  4. Nice presentation, Rob

  5. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Rob … thank you !
    Very nice and humble presentation, yet profound and very touching.
    It is messages like these, that I hope can ring a bell in society.
    I had a neighbor ( a college student, he was not aware or knowledgeable that there was once a KOREAN WAR, to make matters worse … he was a HIGH TOP HONOR graduate in his high school class … :O ).
    Again … THANK YOU!

    • Sadly this is why the Korean War is often called the “Forgotten War” or a “Police Action” to be more correct. It’s been 4 years since I lost my Dad who was a Korean War vet. He always said he was still waiting on his turkey dinner at Chosin and never got a parade when he returned home……….

      Thanks for bringing this up. Soon WW2 will be a two line paragraph in modern history books if we keep going the way we have been recently. If you fail to remember history you are doomed to repeat it.

  6. Nice posting Rob.

  7. I have to agree with you Craig on the statement about the Dough Boys holding up the soil the couple are standing on. The leg tattoo drives it home too…………. Freedom isn’t free.

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