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Friday Briefing

December 30, 2016 · in Uncategorized · 11 Comments

As you were.

44 additional images. Click to enlarge.

11 responses

  1. Nice set of pics Rob,my old fella served on HMS Victorious and he once told me that when the ship was "stood down" if they were in sunny climes they could lower one of the lifts on the flight deck for the aircraft and then install a canvas liner which was then filled with seawater to make sort of small pool for cooling off in ,I used to wonder if that was a tall tale but now I'm not sure !.

  2. 20 sure looks like an "awwwwww, c**p"!

  3. Best one yet, Rob...hard to pick a favorite (...and we missed the briefing last week, I'll have you know).

  4. Love the first one , the Phantoms, the low flying Mig.. there all great.

  5. Nice collection. Jan Zumbachs Spitfire Mk.Vb will be a project for 2017 ( hope so )

  6. Another real interesting set of images. You guys can look at the airplane things, I like the leggy marchers and Japanese Army girl. In the shot of the female MP's, is that Amy Schumer on the right?

  7. A friend of mine pointed out something I didn't notice (and still don't)...that pic of the two bullets - he said that when he was growing up in Argentina, it was customary for shooters to target spent casings and projectiles for proficiency in their aim. He said he didn't know if the pic was "real" or not, but said that only ONE of the bullets had rifiling marks and not the other.

    • Can only say, it was allegedly collected from the Gallipoli battle area, and was reported as such since the earliest appearance. Naturally other similar examples may exist through other circumstances.

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