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More Hellcats

First pic build:

Second pic build:

Third pic: 48th scale, but apparently no build article (only pic I found) – same goes for pic #5 . These were way before there was an iModeler site.
Fourth pic build article:

4 additional images. Click to enlarge.

22 responses to More Hellcats

  1. Nice builds Mr. Craig!

  2. Thank you, sir….I appreciate it.

  3. I Like it…………. Like it a Lot………….. Good stuff buddy. Hellcats, Hellcats and MORE Hellcats. Awesome indeed……………

  4. Very Catty of you….

  5. What the Hellcat is going on, I didn’t know it was Hellcat week.
    Nice bunch of cats here, Craig. Looks like you kept the blue paint makers busy for awhile. The tri-color looks really good, that would have to be my favorite !

  6. Craig, great collection of Hellcatti. I like “double nuts”. The Eduard #32 is also a beaut, as is the GSB one hanging from the ceiling. .

  7. Hellcats are certainly popular on iModeler at the moment, and, looking at these, I can see why! Great job, Craig.

  8. All very nice builds, Craig !
    The -3 in the early scheme isn t seen very often.

  9. Oooh, I love that “Joan” Craig! Very nice work on all though. Great models for sure. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Nice herd of Cats! (or is it a gaggle, or a murder, or…)

    • Clowder = group of house cats. (never heard of it before)
      Gaggle = group of geese (or Messerschmits)
      Murder = group of crows (or a capital offense)
      Herd = group of horses/cows or other hoofed animals)
      …we now return you to your regularly scheduled forums… ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Nice bunch of CATS Craig, all worth a look at mate.

  12. I’m a BIG fan of Navy planes of WWII. My Dad flew a Piper before WWII, then joined the Navy & flew Hellcats (F4Fs, SBDs, TBMs, PBYs – among other USN types) then flew CAP after WWII. My Mother (also USN/WWII – WAVE) taught navigation & operated Link trainers. When they divorced, Dad married a stewardess. I think I get my love of winged things honestly! Big fan of pretty much anything Grumman. Nice work, friend!

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