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December 11, 2016 · in Aviation · · 18 Comments

Mk.Vb JU•H(possibly s/n W3848) from 111sqn and flown by Sgt Peter Durnford at Debden, December, 1941

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18 responses

  1. Very unusual Spit. Nice weathering.

  2. I agree very unusual,I never saw a spit in night camo, what colour did you use ?
    Like you I like to represent familiar aircraft in less familiar schemes,how cocky and self assured does that young pilot look,what age must he be, 21 or 22 maybe, what would you give to be that age again...

  3. they said - that IS different. Nice work.

  4. George, nice break from the ordinary, and it turned out well. Your wear and tear looks great.

  5. Nice work, George! I love a Spitfire in any colors.

  6. I have seen a Hurricane, Defiant, and a Mossy done in this Night scheme, but never a Spit. I really like it. Looks great (something different too). You have captured the "look" of a night fighting Spitfire rather well. I also like the original photos that go with it... Well done Sir !

  7. A very nice Spitfire, George !

  8. Sexy. Black is the new black. 🙂

  9. Photos are a bit dark, but from what I can see it looks like a nicely finished and weathered Spit!

  10. Wonder if the black was that "special night" the air ministry came up with for night aircraft? Real rough texture, could give you cuts. Hard to keep up, dead flat. Probably did wonders for the speed. Later, they had "smooth night".

  11. Very convincing finish and certainly different from the usual Spitfires we see.

  12. Very interesting George! I like different; nice job on the Spit!

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