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Voodoo’s it is….!

The ‘old’ 48th scale Monogram, which, in my mind, still stands the test of time for accuracy, ease of assembly and, especially, price! This one was OOB some years ago and done with (naturally) MM NMF metalizer’s in the rattle cans. At least it “stood the test of time” better than the one in the last three pics. 🙁

9 additional images. Click to enlarge.

33 responses to Voodoo’s it is….!

  1. Nice one. like the natural metal.

  2. The master of the rattle can has struck again !
    The metal shades look very convincing, well done Craig !
    Is there help for the real thing ?

  3. Craig, good looking Voodoo. Also unusual nowadays to see one in NMF. That’s what she was originally.

  4. Nice work, Craig. That’s one of my favorite kits.

  5. Nice Voodoo Craig. Believe it or not, many years ago at the Daytona Airport there was one parked near the edge of the taxiway by the main terminal. It was camouflaged with Vietnam era paint. When they rebuilt the airport the plane disappeared…………. I used to look at it all the time as a kid.

  6. We have one at the Glenn L. Martin Museum, which came from Aberdeen, like a lot of our planes. It arrived by barge- we’re on the water, used to make seaplanes, after all. Had to cut the outer wings off to get it on the barge. We still have them, and one of out projects is to reattach them.
    We also have an F-4C. Both are impressive.

  7. Very nice Craig…the MM metalizer finish looks great. The Voodoo is a sleek looking bird and I share your opinion about the fine quality of that old Monogram kit.

  8. Craig, this is really nice. I’m with you on the use of MM metalizer, even out of the rattle can give you good if not great results as you can see here (even if the fumes take a few years off your life). Great looking model !

  9. I like it. I need one of these in RCAF colors

  10. Like the others have alreay said, a great NMF on a very cool looking plane.

  11. Looks good! Very nice rattle can finish. The Voodoo just looks like it was born for NMF (as did most of the century series – with the 102/106 being the exception).

  12. That looks really good mate! Great metal finish!

  13. Looks great Craig! What’s the story on the black nose? Pennsylvania ANG? You should do KH’s F-101C to go with it. (It really isn’t that bad once you know what to look for and address two three issues before assembly. Really enjoying mine!)

    • I had a Kitty Hawk kit (the F-35B) and swore they’d get no more of MY money….but maybe that’s just me – I’ve seen others that looked liked they turned out pretty well. As for the reference to PennANG and the ‘black nose’, I must be missing your point. What are you talking about? Is an all black nose on an F-101 irregular?

      • I saw the ANG logo on the tail and Pennsylvania ANG F-102s had a black tail. I haven’t seen a VooDoo with a black nose (other than the radome portion.) I haven’t gotten the F-35, but the F-94 and F-101 seem okay to me. It hasn’t been much harder than a Monogram VooDoo. I’ll have a post of it soon with easy fixes to a few problems. The Starfire is a beauty though, even if the texture is a little pebbly.

  14. Good looking Voodoo Craig! The Monogram kit is a classic and does produce a nice Voodoo, as you have sure demonstrated here. Well done my friend! 🙂

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