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Friday Briefing

49 additional images. Click to enlarge.

8 responses to Friday Briefing

  1. I like the color photo of a very happy Alex Vraciu. Also a nice picture of the late Xu Yu. I like how the badges from the display team denote not only their number in the formation, but also the location. Also, what I wouldn’t give for that stack of Lightnings!

  2. Quite the eclectic selection of offerings this week, Rob… must be a full time job procuring all these scenes for your “Friday Briefing” file(s). Thanks again….always look forward to ’em.

  3. Rob, lots of food for thought, as usual. The climbing Lightning is great, doing what she does, best. I s that a Ukranian parachute Sgt. I see? They didn’t look like that in the OLD Army. Far from it. Goodness. Or something.
    Same outfit as the pony tails and legs photo from back a ways?

  4. A lot of real lovelies there. The encroached machine gun is telling. War is not just hell, it sucks.

  5. I love the Marauder, I have an old Monogram waiting ….

  6. Great variety, it took a sec to realize that was a Lightning not a MiG-21 on the first image. The image of Gable and Stewart was cool. The bombs release from the Lancaster is very unique, never seen anything like it. Good stuff.

  7. Thank you for that, great pictures, and some make me really reflective.

  8. some cool pic’s there Rob, 24 F111 all in a row.

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