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Friday Briefing

February 3, 2017 · in Uncategorized · 13 Comments

49 additional images. Click to enlarge.

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  1. Really incredible scenes captured with a snapshot, the soldier rescuing the children right off the bat, the V-1 images never seen those before. The P-47's flyby down on the deck amazing! Each image a story. Always looking forward to these good start to the weekend.

  2. Great photos Rob...had to go through them several times. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Robb, every Friday I get to see gems from you. I LIKE them Tunnans! Never saw that before, not to mention the rest of them. That New Year card is thought provoking. Wonder if he survived? And if so, how he got thru what followed.

  4. So many great images, I don't know where to begin with my favorite(s).
    The F-106 that landed by itself...the montage of the Falcons...those Jugs makin' a low pass...the "oops" loop by the Thunderbird pilot at Mountain Home AFB...the eerie picture of that ball turret...the list goes on. As stated, always look forward to this, Rob. Thanks.

  5. Very cool. the Hellcat catapulting from the hanger deck is interesting.

  6. The Hellcat catapult launch was required of every pilot in VF-15 when they went aboard USS Hornet (CV-12) by command of the ship's capatin Miles Browning (known to everyone in the air group as "the captain from hell"), since early Essex class carriers had the catapult on the hangar deck. Jim Duffy told me it was "the most terrifying experience of my entire naval career."

  7. Love these images as usual Rob, the first one of the gunner that's a waxwork ,right ?

  8. Great, eclectic bunch as usual. I'll take any of those Springfield rifles in #13. Yes it's the rifles I noticed not the ladies on parade in their underthings I will not ask about. And I don't think any cell phone lucky shot could beat that V-1 pic in #35. Hope it was a dud.

  9. Those Thunderbolts were low! Brand new Allison engines for $350? I'll take ten! Believe it or not, the F-106 in the last picture landed minus the pilot. He had ejected a while earlier! There is a video of him telling the tale at the Air Force museum.

  10. Oops! Second to last picture!

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