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Friday Briefing

49 additional images. Click to enlarge.

15 responses to Friday Briefing

  1. Some great pics there Rob.
    The beer bottles in the launcher made I chuckle mate.
    Thanks for posting.

  2. Another eclectic array of great images, Rob…many of those photos cry out for an explanation or “backstory” – they would be equally as interesting. Thanks for taking the time to post these every week. TGIF, as they say. 🙂

  3. Love the “I want to be a pilot” cartoon!

    One of those Drakken shots is fantastic as well.

  4. That lead picture of the Lightnings is classic!
    The business end of the wing rocket pod on an F-89 is striking, as well. WHOOSH! Same principle as a shotgun!
    First rate photos, every one! Well chosen!

  5. Nice inflight shots, the Lightnings and Drakens. Is that a M41 Bulldog rusting in the field?

  6. Lot of nice ones today Rob! My favorites are the D model Scorpion showing its fangs, the former Jewish prisoner giving his former captor the what-for and the Fullback on approach. It does have an odd appearance from that angle. I do wonder if its landing gear solved the problem of twang that the TSR2 had as the leading wheel isn’t sticking far in front of the pivot like the TSR2’s was. Does anyone else think the guy on the Foxbat poster resembles Lee Majors? My favorite of the group is the shot of Aerosoft’s FSX Lightnings recreating the fly past at Churchill’s funeral. (Pretty close anyway. The Lightning closest to the camera should be a 19 sq F2.) I have a lot of time in that 92 sq F1A in my sim!

  7. Always waiting for your friday-pics! The NFM-Draken is just beautiful!

  8. Sorry for the test message, I wasn’t able to send any reply out in the Group section. But for some reason in headlines it did. Anyway again always enjoy the Friday briefings, it has become a routine and look forward to them each Friday. Just like the “Plan of the day”.

  9. Always something of interest Rob.

  10. Y’see what’s happened now… because of that Lightning photo, I’ve pulled my (original 1:48 issue) Airfix kit to the top of the pile and started fondling the plastic…

    …I’m so easily distracted !!


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