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Water Wings group build

Ok, everyone, we have a week left until the deadline, so let’s get those models finished! If I counted correctly, there are 14 builders, some with multiple models, in the group right now and there may be a few surprises in store. Some of the builds have already been posted, so I’ll put together a collection of all the completed models once all the entries are in.

Many thanks to everyone who participated!

7 responses to Water Wings group build

  1. man – I am really trying… replacement decals from the Ukraine took more than a month to arrive… All that is really left is to step through getting the rigging and wings and floats on (interesting sequence required).

  2. I produced two models of flying boats. I am new on this site. Where should I post them?

  3. Me too. Finished the H6K5 and posted it on my thread. Is there a better place?

  4. Hi everyone, a good place to post your models when completed are the Headlines. 🙂 Good luck. It’s exciting

  5. As Martin mentioned, post your final build to the Headlines section with a small blurb about the kit and the backstory to your markings if you so desire. That way, everyone can see them! You can start posting the completed builds on March 1st, 2017, but there are no worries if you need a little more time to finish. It’s all for fun.

  6. Or post them in the water wings group before the deadline !

  7. Ready to go and will post on March 1st.

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