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1/72 Worimi Hornet – Academy + Ronin Decals

The Worimi hornet is complete. This model represents A21-23 that was dressed in Worimi group traditional artwork and colours to celebrate the service of indigenous people within the Australian Defence Force during 2016. The aircraft is adorned with the name of Warrant Officer Len Waters who was Australia’s first known indigenous pilot who flew during the World War Two campaign. The excellent decals are by Ronin Graphics Australia and I can’t speak highly enough for them. Although thin and delicate to handle, they were quite robust even with Mr Mark Softer setting solution. The kit is the vanilla version of the 1/72 Academy F/A-18A+ ‘Red Devils’. It’s probably the best kit in this scale to represent a RAAF machine. Big thanks to Bruce Anders for the decals and friend Paul for coming to town with the kit. Paints are all Gunze with AK weathering products and oils used for the final touches. Hope you like it as much as I enjoyed building it.


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14 responses to 1/72 Worimi Hornet – Academy + Ronin Decals

  1. Beautiful, Michael. This represents a very interestingly marked version that few of us here in the USA ever get to see. One thing I particularly admire is your light treatment of the panel lines, In my opinion, too many modelers over-emphasize these details with dark lines that are seldom seen on real aircraft rather than the simple shadow & shading effects that we can sometimes see. Great job! I only hope I can do as well, some day!

  2. Very well done, sir….that scheme is quite the “eye-catcher” indeed. Nice work!

  3. Great-looking Hornet! The F/A-18 is such a menacing-looking airframe design, but is rarely seen in any interesting scheme – just gray. This scheme really livens it up!

  4. Beautiful job on her. Special schemes seem to go away kinda quick, don’t they? All the more reason to do them.

  5. Great colour scheme, really livens up the Hornet.

  6. Fantastic work. the colorul special markings are really nice touch to the gray standart scheme.

  7. Nicely done Michael, I like it.

  8. Michael, I usually don’t get excited over, wild paint schemes on modern aircraft, but this is nice and very well done. Nice work !

  9. Fantastic work and scheme sir!

  10. Good looking Hornet Michael, well done.

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