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AMK 1/48th MIG-31, Part 2

March 31, 2017 · in Aviation · · 22 Comments

Starting from

Decaling and Weathering

This build was a premiere for me in two respects. I used Mr. Paint products for the first time extensively and the stenciling was done with a novel kind of decals from the Czech company HGW.
The great thing with Mr. Paint to me is the fineness of the spray. You can do things with them out of the jar that would require hours of tuning and optimizing with standard acrylics. Certainly a recommendation!
HGW are offering an extensive set of stencils for the using their so-called wet transfer technique: only the printed part of the decal goes on the model and no carrier film at all. That means good bye to all sorts of silvering problems and makes intermediate gloss cotes unnecessary at least from that point of view. The product performed very well for all the stencils but it has its limitations when the printed objects are big. For instance with the pink cockpit seals I had difficulties.
Weathering of the model was kept within certain limits as fotos of the aircraft in operation show good state of maintenance.

My Conclusions

have made a convincing kit.
The subject to my knowledge has not been covered by any kit in 1/48th scale before, although the MIG-31 is a truly impressing aeroplane. It’s obvious that AMK have the claim to become a premium kit manufacturer and given this great new release, I’m sure they will make their way. A second version of the kit has already been brought on the market and it eliminated the short comings of the first one (absence of instruments, belts and decals for the pink cockpit seals).
A 48th Tomcat and a MIG-25 have already been announced by AMK for 2017. It’s kind of bad luck, if you work your back off for a complex subject such as the Tomcat and right when you think you’re getting close to a release, it’s Tamiya who bring the ultimate kit. Or will Tamiya and AMK together start a Tomcat-o-mania? Let’s see, I’ll certainly have the MIG-25.
The build of this kit is not an easy one. The poor instructions make it imperative to contemplate about practically every step of construction and to extensively test fit even the obvious ones. The landing gears and wheel well doors of the MIG-31 are among the most complex in aircraft history and so are the kits’. And though there is no weakness in AMK’s design, things turn out difficult here. The same is true for the cockpit glazings that require a multi-part, multi-color assembly. Given that gluing transparent parts is never easy, they were a real challenge to build.

Nonetheless this build was a lot of fun and now that the model is standing in front of me, the result is rewarding. If you’re looking for a challenge and if you have a heart for Soviet aeroplanes and the Cold War period, this is it.

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22 responses

  1. Thank you very much for posting this, Halvar,and Part 1, and also more details of the build in the group forum. Although I'm not particularly a fan of these aircraft your write ups have kept me interested from beginning to end. Your workmanship is first class as are the photographs. I'm sure these articles will result in more sales of this and other AMK kits.

  2. Outstanding build, sir...AMK (despite poor instructions) has apparently leap frogged into contention with top of the line kits. And I agree with George re your workmanship and photography. I think we just might be seeing this one again (wink, wink).

  3. Beautiful work Halvar and thanks for the link. Hopefully they get a distributor in Canada as $21.30 per bottle (shipping included) isn't going to get my business.

  4. Breathtaking build of this iconic fighter... Very clear build with decent surface... and perfect pictures. Congratulations ! I am looking forward to your next one.

  5. A very fine write up Halvar, and a very nice build too.
    Those stencils look amazingly good.

  6. I haven't the foggiest what a Mig 31 should look like; but, I do know great workmanship and good looking model when I see it! This IS it!

    The results are most pleasing to see!

  7. Superb job, Halvar. You have inspired me to be one.

  8. A real beauty, Halvar. Congratulations!

  9. Beautiful work, fantastic plane et great result,


    Eric from France

  10. Halvar,

    Excellent build and article. The one thing I noticed about Boris es article is that the back rounds for the photos changed with the model. A light back round for the construction phase and a dark neutral gray back round that made all of the details of the kit pop out for when the kit was done. The greens were greener and the contrasts of the paint and panel lines stood out. My niggle, would be for you to photograph your completed model with a darker back round to show more contrasts in the colors of your models. Light on light colors can be a distraction. Now that I've played the Grinch who stole Christmas...the article and build is professional. Boris and you ( fingers cross) are the start of a new trend in writing and modeling on iModeler.

    • I guess you're right with the light on light thing. My point with the white background is the nice shadow the model throws. It gives it that "on the stage" feeling.
      And with Martin's white space design of the site it all looks that Apple kind of cool.

  11. She's a beauty, as anticipated! Well done.

  12. It seems that Flake is a great place for scale modelling 🙂
    Impressive work and presentation !

  13. I know you normally judge the competition, but you need to award yourself model of the month for that mate! I'm sure everyone else will agree with me there!
    That is one of the best model aircraft I have ever seen! Absolutely stunning!

    • Thanks, Richard. I rather keep my job in the jury. But I guess I can use all your great feedbacks to give my votes a bit more weight there. 😉
      (Work in this jury is never free of dispute)

  14. Simply excellent.

  15. Leave it to the Russians to produce interceptors on steroids. A real brute of a machine. You have done an AWESOME job on this one. Well done!

  16. awesome looking Foxhound dude!

  17. Don't think I saw these images. You 31 turned out great.

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