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Friday Briefing

March 10, 2017 · in Uncategorized · 17 Comments

49 additional images. Click to enlarge.

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  1. TGIF, Rob...thanks. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Many great images that invite deeper reflection.

    A bit of personal discovery - so THAT's what the foldable fin on the Viggen was for! Let's get this baby off the ground then 🙂

  3. Nice picture, as usual. The Viggen in the cave shelter is already a project, in my mind, for the special Hoby in 1/48. Fantastic the F-15 flying below the hill top. Not sure, but the falling aircraft could be F-105 in Vietnam.

    • Glad it strikes a chord. I think several of these images give pause for project consideration, the HAS (Hardened Aircraft Shelter) image being a case in point.

  4. I like the helmet in the tree, The Harrier heat photo is interesting.

  5. Love the pics as usual,I think the low flying F15 shot was taken in Wales,I saw a TV interview with Harry Patch ,the last of the Tommies I remember him saying "any man who said he wasn't scared in the trenches is a damn liar".
    Cheers N.

  6. What a treasure trove Rob. Thanks so much!

  7. OMG that 55+ recruiting poster is RIOT. Wish the USAF would do something like that...

  8. I'm gonna re-up! Right after my nap. Bring it!

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