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Friday Briefing

49 additional images. Click to enlarge.

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  1. Great stuff yet again, Rob...that headline shot of the Vulcan/Lightning is breathtaking (as are the shots of the low flying Vulcan/Harrier). The nose art on the C-5 made me chuckle - as did the B-1. The colorful paint schemes on that ship moored at the harbor and the (Typhoon?) are really eye-catching as well. Two photos I can't place are the one(s) of that humongous helicopter (what IS that?) and the carrier crash of - what - A Dauntless or a Hellcat..? Finally, the last pic escapes me as to its' reference. Thanks again for the Friday Briefings - I love 'em!

  2. I think the 'typhoon' is a Mirage at a 'tiger meet'. Hellcat on the deck. The last was just some jokey billboard that I thought was amusing. I think the giant helo is American but can't recall what it is. Maybe someone else can remember.

  3. Excellent pics & fun to see! Great photos - thanks for posting them!

  4. Love the pics again Rob ,what is going on in #7 ? it looks like something from Indiana Jones, I can't believe I've never seen the Vulcan /Lightning shot before.

  5. The large helicopter is an Mi-26. Very large. Over 40,000 pounds of cargo capacity. The tail rotor is about the same size as the main rotor on a Hughes 500! The main rotor blades look like they have a chord similar to a Cessna and the span is just a hair more than a B-17's wingspan! I would love to see/hear one in real life!

  6. There ya go, Craig. I knew somebody would know!

  7. Great as always! But can anyone name the ship in photo 8?

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