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Stippling. Mistakes included.

I had always avoided doing German afvs of the second world war as I dreaded trying to reproduce the superb paintwork I had seen on other built kits. Stippling was also not something I had needed to use in my builds. But I decided to give it a go on this old kit. I rescued it from scrap it had a lousy paint job and poorly assembled tracks and badly applied decals. So a good candidate for Stippling practice. I repaired the broken barrel and straightened out the tracks. I toned down the green and Sandy paint with enamel paint and washes. And then applied the red brown by stipple using an old brush I trimmed for the job. You can see in the second photo on the wheel I had too much paint on the brush. Even though I had taken what I thought was enough off of it. I tested it on a piece of card it looked ok so off I went. But as you can see it was too much. I decided to leave it as a reminder as the model is nothing great. But I kept on and I started to get the hang of it a bit. A few other parts got a little more than I intended but by the time ten minutes had passed I had improved if only slightly. As always it’s best to have too little on the brush than too much. Hope this may be useful to someone. Sadly the photos are not great. Old tech I’m afraid.

9 additional images. Click to enlarge.

20 responses to Stippling. Mistakes included.

  1. You’ll have to point out the “mistakes”….I can’t see ’em – 🙂

  2. It’s hard to overwork in-theatre armour. It all adds to the realism, unless of course you’re trying to draw attention to a specific technique, and even then there are numerous personal preferences that can come into play. Good effort.

  3. Anthony the only issue I see are some of your close ups pics seem to be out of focus. Check your camera settings. Over all it looks good to me.

  4. Agree with the guys. It’s a tank! Out in the dirt and the mud, more often than not painted quickly by the crew. That’s the neat thing about them. As a snapshot of a vehicle at a certain time, who’s gonna fault you? Ask them how many vehicles they crewed or maintained. 90 year old veteran of Kursk shuffles up, looks at it, and grins. Now, that would be a compliment. If he could, he probably would!

  5. What mistakes? Besides whose gonna argue with a Tiger. great work.

  6. Anthony, nice way to draw attention to your posting, with a picture looking down the business end of that gun. Nice work on this, looks great !.
    “I have to ask, is that guy in the turret using his cell phone” ?

  7. Your stippling looks fine from here, and the figure really adds to the overall effect.

  8. Anthony, anyone who can “rescue” an already “finished” model & do it as well as you did deserves praise. Good on ya!!! The 1st time I saw a real Tiger I it really drove home some of what the who had to face those powerful beasts must’ve felt like. And they faced them with inferior equipment at the beginning of the war! Any-hoo, great job!

  9. those gun barrel shots are amazing….lovely

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