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Friday Briefing

49 additional images. Click to enlarge.

11 responses to Friday Briefing

  1. Once again amazing images. A story in each one. The very last one which involves medical attention on the Doberman, man’s best friend.

  2. Nice pics as usual Rob,do you reckon the two guys in #6 on the right have put each others hats on Laurel and Hardy style,the Hunter going through Tower bridge is shopped,right?
    Keep ’em coming.

  3. Oh, I saw that that snake immediately, but wanted to peruse the others before replying. Dunno where you keep comin’ up with these ‘briefing’ pics, but they’re definitely eclectic in their depiction(s). Findin’ ’em must be a full-time job…..along with that beautiful boat you just posted.
    And I highly doubt that Hunter under the bridge was photo shopped – that probably DID happen.

  4. Very interesting. like the one feeding the Warthog.

  5. Thanks again, cool!

  6. Awesome photos Rob!!! The snake, dog and donkey photos are the best. As for the Hunter. That pilot is BRAVE!!!

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