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Caudron’s little eagle: Caudron C.600 Aiglon, 1:72 SBS model

And here it is: the SBS Caudron 600 - finished within a week. I'm a slow modeler so I say wow! When I came home from the Moson Show I was so full with modeling experiences that I thought I need some time before I can sit down on my chair and make somethin' small again. Next day I made the interior and another day took the fuselage and wings together... The progress was so fast I really amazed (well I ought to make good kits from now on 😀 ). The engineering of the kit is so clever and the moulding is so good that I haven't got any drama during the building process. What I realized about SBS pervious kit (the DH 88) is true here also: as the kit made solely by 3D technology the fit is too good (even the very thin layer of glue can make difference here!) so especially with the interior parts You need to check the fit first (and sand some material from the parts to make room for the thin CA). Not a big deal or nothing beyond an average modeler's ability. Another little hitch is that some parts are ridicolously small in some cases - it's probably just me and I always wonder when I see modelers working in 1:144 scale or alike. I strenghten all the main parts with some steel wire (I make such treatment on all of my resin kits) to make the model strong and durable :). This plane is really small: You may can't judge from the pics but the model's fuselage only 11cm long. I choosed the red sweden painting for this little sport plane this time. The instruction says silver (I found good pics about silver C600 on the net) which was a metallic paint as the plane has wooden/fabric construction. My favourite color is the Tamiya TS-17 (decanted and airbrushed for better control) for anti corrosion or metallic silver paintings. I used some artistic license here as I painted the engine cover (which was metal) and the wing tanks covers (also metal) with Alclad polished aluminium and Vallejo duraluminium. In most cases I don't like decaling (fight with silvering, warping, disruptin... brr) but this time it went surprisingly good - but these long stripes made me nervous at first. The decals are first rate! They are very thin so You have to keep wet the surface constantly when apply them but they strong enough to hold up well the positioning and after You wipe off the water they conform beautifully. I didn't use any setting solution but a little Micro Sol later and they worked like charm; just see the nose ring - I didn't need to make any tuch ups just applied the decals and that was all. This is particularly good news as SBS recently make custom decal sets too and I suppose those behave like this. I made some minimal weathering at the end but these sport planes always kept in pristine condition so I didn't want overdo it. So this was my fastest build this year and this was a 🙂 My biggest problem now, what shall I do next?

I hope You like this little elegant French sport plane. As always any C&C are welcome!

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  1. Nice presentation and build, sir.

  2. Beautiful ! Gotta get one.

  3. Very pretty aeroplane and incredibly clean build.

  4. Good looking kit, great looking model Gabor, well done.

  5. Hey Gábor, in every respect that's really modeling for the grown-up: selection of subject, quality of execution, inspiration ...
    Are you serious about asking what to do next? 🙂

  6. Wonderfully done, Gabor! What a neat little plane & you putting a knife blade to show size is excellent! Well made & painted!

  7. Beautiful little aircraft and a lovely build Gabor. Particularly liked the metal/silver doped finish - nicely judged and executed

  8. Thank You All! 🙂

  9. What an amazing little plane you have built. The details packed into it look great. I really like this one. It also looks like it would be a great subject to build as an electric powered RC plane. It has a long wing and a great cowling to cool off electric components... I'll bet this one would be a great flyer...

  10. Another beauty Gabor! Very sleek-looking aircraft, and to come from a resin kit it is amazing. Well done.

  11. I didn't know this aircraft, but you have build a nice little masterwork.
    Very very amazing.
    Good job!

  12. Wow, what a wonderful model did you built. I love the details you have put into the interior. Lovely in this color combination. Super!

  13. Nice! so much detail in such a small subject.

  14. A little jewel and proof that good things come in small packages.

  15. Thank You! 🙂 A nice thing such civilian livery is that You don't have to bother with weathering 😀

  16. Very nice result.

  17. Nice write-up and build, and beautiful little model.

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