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Friday Briefing

49 additional images. Click to enlarge.

14 responses to Friday Briefing

  1. It must be Friday again already. Always looking forward to this feature. Each image marks a period of time in peace or at war. But even at rest there is a story. Love it.

  2. This is the best compilation yet!!! Highlight of the day. Thanks Rob!!

  3. I truly love these briefings… <3

  4. Rob, thanks for these images. I think it is true that a picture can say more than a thousand words and these photos really get the imagination working in a way that far outstrips a comment or opinion. I’ve found myself really looking forward (as I’m sure a growing number of others do) to this feature every week. Please keep it up!

  5. A lot of great images every Friday. Great picture of the mass formation 104’s. This was the last farewell formation of the type in Holland when the F-16 took over the duties.

  6. Great shot of ZU-BEX on the cover. I never could figure out if this was air to air or if someone (Ian Black I think) actually captured it from the ground. In either case, one of my favorite Lightning shots. The Cougar hanging from the catwalk is a neat shot as well.

  7. TGIF, Rob….how long do ya think you can keep coming up with these great photos? It must a full time job trying to find ’em all (don’t stop).

  8. Rob, thanks again. Love the Lightning!

  9. Thanks Rob for the images! Love the Lightning as well…guess I have to build one soon!

  10. Thans for sharing Rob, Nice picture.
    .-I feel sorry for these guys painting the invasion stripe on the spit, I believe they will never get the best in show on Imodeler.
    .-The German ground crew, using the bomb like a pillow, are fantastic.
    .-Lets see if anyone will be crazy enough,to make a diorama, with a plane hanging from a carrier dek, like this in picture 35.

  11. Great variety! Always liked the Vulcan. At least that Cougars hook caught something.

  12. I like them all…………… but I’m really partial to #22. Thanks my friend for regularly doing this. I really look forward to each Friday…………..

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