Hobby Boss, 1:48 Scale, IAR-80, Romanian Air Force

May 24, 2017 · in Aviation · · 10 Comments

Hey Folks!

Over the last couple weeks, I have been pretty busy building...actually got a few finished in time for the IPMS/USA Region One Show and Contest.

I found that, overall, this was a decent little model kit. It went together well. Fit and detail being especially nice. I found the instruction sheet to be the kit's major weakness. Color call outs were almost non existent, and what they did have was definitely open to discussion. I found the panel lines to be shallow too. They would absolutely be difficult to use any washes. Personally, I pulled out the re scribe tool and made some of them a tad deeper
I used the kits decals which seemed to go on fine, although a little translucent. I have not a sheet of aftermarkets decals for this bird...(yet) anyway, so as of now, you have the two options provided in the kit.

I painted the model using Model Master Enamels. RAF Dark Earth over a US Dark Green, (34079?) for the topside surfaces, and a German Lt Blue, RLM 65 on the lower. Cockpit was painted in RLM76. Yes. Another German color, and I went with that because I was tipped off to take a look Chukw's build of an IAR-80. Being the nut for detail that he is, I figured if anyone would know, it would be Chukw. If he painted his "Pit" Lt Blue, than I was following along!
Anyway, I found it a nice little model that build well, and looks the part too!

Best regards to All

Freddie from LI

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10 responses

  1. Nice lookin' rendition of a kit not often seen built. I like it.

  2. Cool build ! I saw one of these at the local hobby store and grabbed it up right away. Looks like it is really a nice kit. Thanks for sharing this with us. Yours really looks great. I like it too.

  3. Very nice indeed... on my 'bucket list' for this year.


  4. Very neat work, Freddie, nice to see something a little different.

  5. Never seen this kit before. VERY nice, Frederick.

  6. Very nice. Azur brought out a 1/32 version a couple of years ago.

  7. Very nice. An aircraft rarely modelled. I think the only other one I've seen build is an old 1:48 LTD kit

  8. Great build! Nice scheme.

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