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Workshop, one more

May 12, 2017 · in Uncategorized · · 18 Comments

Though there is an extremely promising article from Christian to read, I'm first following in George's footsteps and here comes my workshop. It's much smaller (things are always bigger in America). I do all the painting on the work desk, but there is an extraction system integrated (below the perforated plate).

My pride and joy: the photobooth permanently installed in the cabinet (along with some stash). The compressor is made from a refrigeration unit and therefore it's very silent. In the photobooth: the paint job prototype of the that I'm currently reporting about in the forum area.

Some more stash (oh yes, I do like the ) and no espresso machine at all which is a shame.

6 additional images. Click to enlarge.

18 responses

  1. Very nice. I like the photo booth and the idea of a refrigeration compressor intrigues me. My compressor is way too loud.

  2. I like it! It seems to help your superb modeling skills. Well done!

  3. Great space, Halvar. I see you have the 1/32 Tamiya Mossie and an old school Lotus. A modeler after my own heart - I have a Tamiya Lotus 78 (my favourite F1 car - maybe alongside the Tyrell P34) that I'm itching to make.

    • Thanks, David. I own that Lotus for around 20 years now. I open it now and then and I have to say that things have made some progress since its first release 50 years back.
      If I today started a Tamiya F1-project, I'd take the Renault RC-30 or the Ferrrari 312T4.

  4. OK...I'll ask. What IS that diagonal thingie that you had to make a hole in your bench to accommodate? It almost appears to have a turnbuckle in it.

    • Oh boy ...
      When we had 2 meters of snow in winter 2004/2005, I started to feel a bit uncomfortable about the statics of my house, so I installed these steel belts. The workbench moved in later on and since then I'm building around them as you can see.

  5. This workshop interests me, it iseems as narrow as mine, I find there ideas of development. Thank you Halvar !

  6. George this is no workshop, this is a model factory !

    To pay for in installments and amortise such a structure

    you'll need to produce at least 300 kits per year !

    Having said this, I am totally jealous of the room you have, the equipment and the way you've placed it.

    Not to mention the AC system

    which is a great idea, - I've recently discovered a super ultra thin layer of white paint on the furniture of my closed balcony where I paint models, and realised that spraying next to an opened window in a cardboard box isn't enough to protect the furniture, floor (and lungs).

    So George congratulations for this very clever installation of yours.

    I want the same !


  7. sorry message for George !
    (but I like your installation too Halvar)
    That wood and cork like color is very inviting for a relaxed paint and building atmosphere.
    Great artefacts come out of this great place

  8. I like your workspace! Was the compressor difficult to Adapt it to an Airbrush?

    • Hello Christian. Apart from the actual compressor you need an electrical pressure switch that turns the compressor on when the pressure falls below a certain limit and off above.

      That sort of very basic pressure control system, however, won't do the job for airbrushing. What you neeed is constant presssure and therefore I use an additional pressure control valve with a hand wheel allowing to adjust the pressure precisely to the level desired.

      That's by the way the reason why I put the compressor on that wooden frame: I can reach the handwheel easily to adjust the pressure to my needs while using the airbrush.

      Hope that helps.

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    P.k said on May 15, 2017

    only forward the builder

  10. Cool room mate! I need to get a better compressor. Mine seems to get really hot really quickly!

  11. Really nice mancave you have here. I might incorporate an espresso machine and probably a wine cooler as well 😀

  12. Thanks for sharing, Johannes - really nice workspace, compact and everything within arms reach! This made me laugh a bit, as my wife just shakes her head at my modeling chaos, but she also knows it is my "happy place" and supports me 100%.

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