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June 1, 2017 · in Automotive · 8 Comments

Nothing to see here

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  1. Always a treat to see you work your magic with these bikes, Harry...we've missed ya these last few months.

  2. Hi Harry I'm knew around here so I took a sneak peek at your work fantastic can't wait to see the finished kit,it has been some 34 years since my last and only bike build other than a ww2 bike in 1/35,go well cheers.

    • I generally post photos of the build as it goes along. That's done in the hopes that someone else might find a few tips to use on one of their builds.

  3. Thanks for sharing this with us, Harry, looking forward to seeing your build, you sure love these big bikes.

    • These big bikes offer up a host of detailing possibilities. As you can see I love adding lighting to them. This one appears to be suitable to even adding opening saddlebags and trunk. I have already cheated and downloaded the instructions from the Tamiya site.

      Should be a fun build!

  4. You lucky man, they are rare as rocking horse droppings over here.
    A big kit, looking forward to this build.

    • The older ones, such as this one, are about that rare here as well. I got lucky with the AMF FLH 1200 as well. That one was pulled from the market by Tamiya due to a licensing dispute with AMF at the time.

      This one just wasn't manufactured in the same quantities as the Harley's which makes it a bit harder to find.

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