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We’re Taking iModeler to the Next Level

Dear all,

You have learned to know iModeler as a work of one person: its inventor, developer and @editor Martin. Outside of iModeler, Martin has a track record in software engineering, a job at a bank, a family, a stash of around 40 unbuilt kits (1930s to early jet era), dreams about adding an extension to his house and has friends and relatives pretty much around the World.

In the four years since its launch, iModeler gained accolades as an attractive and user-friendly online space to share our fabulous hobby. Our community has also proven that ordinary modelers can themselves create the coolest, most frequently updated, most worth following modeling publication on the web.

Becoming a team…

Meet Johannes (@halvarvonflake), a car engineer and entrepreneur who ran a his own company for the past years. He has recently handed over his responsibilities there in order to make it part of a bigger enterprise. He has a family, too, and he loves vintage cars. He also has a stash of around 20 scale models, mainly Cold War jets, knows some tennis and how much fun it is to start off with a newly created business.

Like many of you, we met through iModeler. Then gradually learned about each other’s jobs, families, the stashes, the house project, the friends and the relatives, the vintage cars, the tennis and the fun to start a business. But most importantly, we came to talk a lot about iModeler and arrived at a conclusion that we’d like to share today:

The news

We have decided to join our forces and experience to bring iModeler to the next level. To that end, iModeler is becoming a startup company!

One of the users once described iModeler as “a boutique hotel of modeling”. Flattering as it is, this meaning encapsulates the founding philosophy of our service – open doors, easy atmosphere inside and a little extra touch of flair. Our vision is bringing this concept to its full potential, continuing our quest of making scale modeling a social activity – helping you to find real friendships; strengthen your network; share your work and learn from each other; be proud of your hobby. To make it happen, we’ll continue to provide a service that helps everyone to keep all their modeling photos and postings online, gathered in one place, for as long as you wish to. We will also explore new innovative ways to make a community thrive, in ways that traditional forums or websites can’t do.

Our beginnings are humble. We’ll be running iModeler in our spare time beside ordinary jobs, seeking possibilities to advance our technical platform and concepts, and generally devoting our energy and professional experience to make iModeler grow, scale and become stronger.


What will change?
For those who know and enjoy this site today, nothing will change.

Will their be costs in future to do what you do with iModeler today?

Will there be ads and banners now?

Will there be any change at all?

In time, hopefully quite a few. Running this project within a framework of a company brings so many more possibilities than one person’s spare-time effort can ever bring. We’re thinking about how to add even more visual quality to your photos and how to create a more enjoyable writing and reading experience. There may be increased file space for high-resolution images soon, and later an app for your mobile device (to keep bring iModeler right to your modeling table). We’re also thinking about inviting modeling companies to share their products and a way for you to review them.

Do we want to make money with the site, now that it’s owned by a company? Well, that’s what companies are for and without a doubt it will be our long-term goal. To realize our vision, we would also be helped by more scope for action, a larger degree of freedom and fewer budget limitations. Some income stream will therefore be installed at some point. Luckily, there’s no rush – neither of us is depending on iModeler as his daytime job, and we intend to let ideas grow in their own pace and with respect to the iModeler community. In time, we’re hoping to be able to create innovative commercial offers on top of the current service which will remain entirely free as you know it today.

Comments and suggestions are welcome!

So this is our big piece of news for today, and we’d love to learn what you think! Your thoughts, ideas and questions would be most appreciated.

Happy modeling,
Martin & Johannes

119 responses to We’re Taking iModeler to the Next Level

  1. Guys, my fingers are crossed.
    You do a great job and I am happy to be here because of friendly atmosphere and good people. This is really appreciated. I will share any idea with you for sure.

  2. You are doing great work Martin and it’s good to know you have someone to share the load,you have helped me enjoy sharing my hobby with others,people like me who are isolated rely on sites like this for chit chat and feed back on there models,this is such a easy site to move around,I am in another site and it is a nightmare to navigate around so I hardly ever go on it,I know technology is rushing ahead at full speed and people like me are being left behind so all I ask is if you could leave some of it as easy as it is,yes I will admit I am a dying breed,but I do thank you very much for making this site a part of my life.THANKS Jim

  3. I think Imodeller is great- I have enjoyed it immensely, as living in Bermuda with no hobby shop, I depend on internet forums like this to learn and share and sell stuff.
    My one request is a way to insert images between text- I see other people doing it but can’t figure out how they do it. I don’t know if article templates would be helpful, or maybe just a help section which gives suggestions about how to insert images into the text section of an article, and still have a bank of overview pictures at the end of the article.
    Also- congratulations on the future- I am sure that the two of you will be able to implement some great things for the rest of us.

  4. All the best with the new joint venture Martin and Johannes.
    This was the first site I joined and it has always been a very friendly place full of excellent modelers and kind people.
    Long may it go on.

  5. This really sounds exciting guys! I’m looking forward to seeing new ideas put into motion, and to any improvements in the site. iModeler is a great site now and can get so much better I’m sure. I have no local friends in this hobby and sites like iModler allow me to be part of a community of great builders. The fellowship here is just superb and much appreciated by myself. One suggestion for a change might be to give us more text editing ability. I would be nice to have access to bold print, italics, color/font choices, emoticons, etc. Oh, I’ve survived here without that, but it would make for a nice addition. 🙂 Thanks for the update and news!

  6. That’s some exiting news guys. I’ve only recently joined iModeler, and I must say it’s very difficult not to log in every day and see what’s new and read what’s all being built on our scale model planet. The easy acces and friendlyness everyone here shares is in my opinion one of the most import parts of imodeler. So much to see and learn makes our hobby just great. Your remarks on high-res photos may well be nice technical addition to imodeller to create a dedicated showcase.
    I wish you both all the best with the new joint venture and I’m sure we will continue to keep this a great on-line platform for our hobby. Keep it going.

  7. I wish you and everyone involved the best of luck in your new venture. This is a great site and I look forward to the coming changes (if any) with bated breath, as it were. Thanks again for all your hard work in maintaining iModeler and its’ outstanding format. It’s much appreciated.

  8. Gentlemen, congrats on your joint efforts to extend the value of iModeler to the worldwide modeling community. Although I am a member of a pretty vibrant local IPMS chapter, I have really enjoyed the couple of years of getting to know a more international community, and create new friendships.

    Here’s a thought for one possibility of adding value to the site that you may be able to monetize without ruffling feathers for readership at large:

    As the president and contest coordinator of a local club, I have not seen in any one place help for folks like myself who are responsible for managing most of the details of a contest and show: raffle, trophies and medals, display set-ups and venue details, etc. If there was a resource designed for club leaders and contest coordinators that provided a best-practices forum, tips, and resources, I would be a part of it! And if there was an annual subscription cost, that would be an easy cost to have the club treasury pay for!!

    By way of example, we have been attempting to upgrade our trophies. We are a small market club and don’t make a huge profit at our contest, so can’t afford to buy outright the kinds of wooden or acrylic plaques we’d like to be able to distribute for 1st-3rd places in each category. I shared a few conversations with a few other area clubs to get ideas, but no one place to share sources for things like blank wood or acrylic blocks, or details/directions for how to create the artwork for certain applications. This is just one example.

    Might also be an opportunity to bulk buy (such as from China) acrylic blocks or other components if there was enough interest from folks like me – use the power of bulk buying distributed across the globe!

    Just some ideas…

    • Greg, I have myself been an avid member of IPMS for many years – really, this organisation was laying the very foundation of the international modeling community in the decades when there was on internet or home computers. Many aspects of iModeler originate from my previous experience working with the IPMS Stockholm – and I should mention that our monthly contest is modeled after my home club’s informal contest that we used to run on our monthly meetings!

  9. Martin best of luck with this venture!!! I am sure it will be an awesome experience for both of you and we will all enjoy it with you through the awesome medium that is Imodeler !!!

  10. Best of luck to both of you and iModeler. I must say that I appreciate all that the website does to promote modeling and to bring together an international community of hobbyists. I have to say that when I joined, I didn’t expect it to be such a great experience. I’ve met (electronically) some truly nice people through the site and have gotten many great tips and ideas from it. Thanks again.

  11. I have really enjoyed being a fellow member on this website. It has a very friendly atmosphere, and is easy to use as well. Congrats on your new ventures and I wish you both the best of luck. I have learned some new tips and tricks here too and met some great people.

    • Thanks, Louis. Can’t wait to get the “Year of the Cat” group-build started and I hope you take the lead again.

      • I should be the one that’s thanking you guys. Thanks for providing us a great place to share our passion with our hobby. This is the only website I’m a member of and I don’t plan on going anywhere else.

        As far as the Year of the Cat goes, I plan on getting this GB going in about a week or so. I want to give the Midway Group build a chance to settle down a little more and then we can get cracking on the next one. I’m more than pleased with the great turnout we had. Hopefully the Year of the Cat will be even better. (Which may be hard to do, since the bar was set so high with the Midway build.

        Thanks again my friends.

  12. This is an amazing venture for the two of you. A passion for this hobby that can be now put into a business yet a hobby. How good is that. One thing that I would suggest of maybe putting a book together of the models that have so far appeared on your site. A bio of the builders if they so desire to be in the book. As some I’m sure prefer not to. The details for this book can be hashed out later as we have so many different subjects. Also a section of techniques, I have learned so much in approaching certain ways to weather, detail, apply bits and pieces in ways I was not aware of. Just reading the builders way of assembling a particular model. I love Greg’s suggestion as well. I am looking so forward in your success and I’m happy to be along for the ride. God Bless you both. And those here as well for love of the hobby.

  13. Martin, Johannes, thanks for a great site which can only get better, I wish you well !

  14. Gentlemen, more power to you! Thanks for what you have done, and what may come! It’s certainly made my modeling a far richer experience, for which I am deeply grateful.

  15. What you’re planning to do seems like the next natural step.
    A small word of caution though.
    For me as a reader and contributer of articles, the independence of the homepage is very important. Having the freedom to write, that a kit sucks is important to me. Likewise, when somebody here praises a kit, I want to be reasonable sure, that it’s honest praise, not something you write because the homepage is dependent of the manufacturers or distributers.
    So, therefore I say:
    Go for it guys, but make sure you stay independent.

    • Hi Ulf. Let’s give it a start: from the last three builds I did, the Eduard MIG-21 just sucks though everybody else seems to love it. I’ll explain why at some other time and place. The AMK MIG-31 is a nice kit, but I actually don’t get the hype about it. My current kit, the Kinetics SU-33, despite of some bugs, is just amazing.
      My pet hate is Tamiya decals which is quite comparable to yours, the water line joint.

  16. Men…..looking forward to exciting and fun times ahead for an already dynamite site.


  17. Keep the great work on this site up! All the best for the Start-Up, proud to be (a small) part of it!
    Cheers, Christian

  18. Good luck ! it’s a great site, just hope it stays as simple to use.

  19. Dear Editors,
    Every site or name it forum, needs to change, to prevent it from becoming a boring site. So every stage to bring it at a higher level is always good. Eventually this will bring also new modelers to the site.
    (We all can promote Imodeler on all the venues we are visiting, by for instance wearing our (future) Imodeler shirt.
    Important is that the “Modelers” and their models will have their center stage place on it all. And in accordance with Robert, I would add, keep it KIS =Keep It Simple.
    I wish our editors lots of success and wise decisions.
    Highest Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

  20. Keep up the great work and stay as user-friendly as you are right now.
    I too would be interested in a T-shirt or/and a coffee mug.

    Good luck!

  21. Now that you’ve teased all with the possibility of shirts and cups, let’s get this show on the road and get those things into production. Some of us ain’t gettin’ any younger, ya know. 🙂 🙂

  22. ” Some of us ain’t gettin’ any younger, ya know. 🙂 🙂”
    Word. 🙂

  23. i personally would not have anything against few ads on left / right side of the page.
    there is much unused space, and with profit from ads, imodeler or other sponsor can award the best modelers.

    • Matija,
      Thanks. We don’t have any immediate need for introducing ads, but yes we could consider some form of ad-based revenue in the future, organized in a way that won’t sink the user experience – we most definitely don’t like the idea of spoiling the site with those obtrusive ad banners!

  24. To evolve and adapt is to thrive as time marches by… Exited to be part of the change!🤓

  25. This is an excellent, easy-to-use site & I hope all continues as well as it has. I’m relatively new to the site, so I have no ideas about how “things used to be.” I just know that I love coming here & looking at all the great works of Modeler’s art. I generally check the site a couple times each day. I was away from modeling for nearly 40 years & the changes are amazing! When I started, it was pretty much Monogram, Revell, Aurora, & a few Lindberg – at least here in middle earth … er, middle America I mean.

    Keep up the good work, my friends.

    • Actually, “things used to be” similar to today’s setup from the very start of iModeler. The original idea was to produce an entirely database-driven website which would allow users to shape and interact with its content in a variety of ways.

      Glad to hear that you’re visiting multiple times a day – I certainly share the same habit, not only because I’m the editor, but because of sheer interest to check what’s new!

      • I’m guilty of the same “habit”….a multiple times a day visitor for the same reasons. A quick check of my ‘karma points’ can attest to that (especially since it’s been quite a while since I actually posted any articles). Hopefully, that will change soon. I’m becoming a collector rather than a builder lately.

  26. My best wishes for this new and exciting venture.

  27. Martin – Glad to hear you have Johannes on board to share the load. Congrats and very well done indeed for everything thats been done so far! As many have said above the site is friendly and easy to use – I also really like the international aspect of the membership.
    Looking forward to future developments.
    Best wishes to you and Johannes

  28. Gentlemen, good luck on this new adventure. Found this site while visiting another one and haven’t looked back. User friendly, lots of models,informative ideas, and a following that is quick to share ideas. On occasion some have sent me products to help me out with a model. No snarky comments, just friendly conversation, what’s not to like. That T-shirt idea is a winner, one can never have enough of them, just like a stash.

  29. Martin & Johannes,

    For me, there are several ways that iModeler stands out from other sites.

    1. The support from fellow modelers is great. I’ve found that since joining I have built more and tried harder because of the goodwill and encouragement I have received here.

    2. The warmth of people shines through in the posts. Someone else pointed out the lack of sarcasm and harsh criticism and I agree; there is such a feeling of comradeship from others and there’s no ‘point scoring’ or schadenfreude here that you get from other forums.

    3. It is so easy to post and it looks great.

    4. There are clearly many, many members who love their history and like sharing a story about their builds. I love this and always feel I’m going to learn something when I log in.

    5. The ‘feel’ of iModeler is very much about the sheer enjoyment of building and that really shows in the way people feel they can express themselves in their posts. Some other sites seem to extol and commend mastery, with ‘below par’ models or small mistakes unnecessary criticised. Here, I feel that members recognise the love of building.

    Martin, you should be proud of the community you have grown here – and all members should be proud of the values they have demonstrated that allow people like me to share their work with confidence (even if it’s not so great). I know that any criticism here is something I’ll learn from and help me improve.

    So – thank you, good luck with the start up, and count me in for at least two t-shirts (and a beer glass?).

  30. Very well put, David….I couldn’t agree more. You’ve expressed my, and many others, sentiments exactly!

  31. David, Hear! Hear! Beautifully put and expressed. Thank you!

  32. DID! someone say beer glass make mine old and t-shirt as long as it has a tank on the back always nice to have a good back up.

  33. improving an almost perfect site for make it a better place for the best community i’ve ever seen (and i’m glad i can be a part of it) plus get some profit from now on from this site, which you can turn back into the site…dear editors, that sounds like the ultimate plan for me!
    ps.: i have a few years experience about UI/UX and i’m start learning test automation of sites and applications, i’d be glad if i can anything help you. my knowledge is small, my passion is great 🙂 (hopefully later these two will get a healthy balance)

  34. iModeler is already the best site for modellers, hard to see how to improve it but I’m sure you two will do it. Like most people who use this site I’m with you all the way.

  35. I’m excited to see where we go together as a community. I think this site is terrific and I recommend it to other Plasticheads, whenever we rub elbows. Tee shirts and mugs? I’m in!
    Thank you Martin, and thank you Johannes for all your work keeping this marvelous site up and running. Grew job guys!! And a great job to all of you, that post pictures of your work. It really inspires me to try new techniques and build more models!!

  36. I have nothing concrete to add to what was already said, but I just wanted to see the responses get to a 100 – somebody help me out! 🙂 🙂

  37. Umm! Umm! echo the sentiments of all who have posted,glad to help a friend.Craig.

  38. Great site that allows every modeler to have his kit become the star of the web…just for one day! would have sung David Bowie.Love the concept behind the site and I hope it will last.
    Long live I modeler!

  39. My wish is that iModeler continues to grow and remains of such good quality. The best to come for projects !
    Thank you for everything.

  40. Martin, sounds like a natural progression, the way you describe this evolution of iModeler. I do hope the simplicity, effectiveness and beauty of the original will remain. It is already something you can be very proud of.
    Best of luck to you and Johannes!

  41. Fabulous news boys! I guess the next question is: what can we all do to help?

    • Thanks for asking, Nick. Our current focus is on growing the site a bit in terms of new members and re-activating members that have stopped using it. The newsletter was our first approach to leverage this. Hence, if you ask me what you could do, today my concrete suggestion is: send the newsletter to a couple of friends and ask them to look around on iModeler and sign-in if they like it.

  42. Not sure were to place this,but if we are going forward.Was so frilled to get your news letter,not having any contact with other modelers it was nice to read about them in this news letter and also to go back in time and see the fine work from the past,not a lot of excitement happens in my life other than spending time building my models in my own little world,but now I have another excitement and that is getting and reading the news letter when it comes.THANK YOU to IModeler team.

  43. Hi Martin & Johannes. All the superlatives have been said & deservedly so. Perhaps David Leigh-Smith summed it up best & all I can do is to endorse them unreservedly. iModeler has been the absolutely best modelling site I have encountered, so all that remains is for me to wish you both (& the iModeler contributors too) every success & continuing enjoyment of this great site!

  44. Echoing david here, imodeler to me is a great place to post about your builds. I built mainly armor in recent years and the positive atmosphere of the imodeler community is what I like most. I wish you both good luck with the new venture!

    An enterpreneur myself, I know very well a successful business starts with a good idea and tons of dedication and hard work by the creator(s). I am convinced that the current imodeler platform is ready for this next step. I personally don’t mind about independent commercial initiatives and maybe reviewing new kits would be a possibility. Happy to cooperate on armor in exchange for a T shirt (XL) or mug 😛

  45. Many thanks for your feedbacks, guys. Tony, Robert, kloster zero, Christian, Frederick J, George … (to mention all the names I haven’t directly responded to lately) I can’t tell you how good it feels to get this sort of positive feedback.
    Let me tell you that further good news is around the corner. Stay tuned!

  46. It appears as this thread grows, perhaps another “barrier” has been breached: a record number of replies to an article/post – well over 100 and still growing! And we’re all ‘staying tuned’ for the upcoming good news Halvar mentioned.

  47. I’d like to thank everyone for all the kind feedback and suggestions. It’s time to move this announcement away from the front page, but we’ll be happy to receive additional comments and advice whenever you’re reading these words. Thank you.

  48. Thanks for running the site for us all. Best wishes with the company idea! This could be Big!

  49. I stumbled across this site when researching for an upcoming build, so I read some of the postings and decided to join. Looks very promising.

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