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1/35 A Pair of Beauties

July 1, 2017 · in Armor · · 17 Comments

I have seen some fine looking coloured aircraft of late so being a tank builder I thought it was time we saw a pair of colourful tanks for a change,The BMPT nicknamed Terminator is Russian,it exceeds 2 motorized rifle platoons and includes 6 BMP with about 40 personnel,it is able to conduct intense fire against any target regardless of its height and up to 4 targets simultaneously,(the kit is a ),Now the MK5 well everyone has heard of this one it was around for some years from the early 60's to this MK5 in the 70's,the camo is a interesting read,to much to put down here,but in a nut shell story goes that a officer was looking out his window and noted that the old green camos of ww2 did not blend into the urban war fare of today,so he came up with this design,it was used in Berlin,and the English painted every vehicle they had the same colour so the Russian had a hard time trying to do a head count.I saw a movie of this tank on You-Tube and believe me it real does blend in.(This kit is )So for all you tanks guys enjoy these to colourful beauties.Thanks

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17 responses

  1. Don't think I've ever seen that particular piece of Russian armor before - I like it, though. And that Chieftain sure has some unusual camo on it...but I like that, too. Nice work on both, my friend. 🙂

  2. Not an armour guy usually, but the Chieftain is a real head-turner. Brilliant.

    • Thanks Paul coming from a plane guy I take that as high praise indeed,Sorry I looked at your profile always nice to see who comments,thought it funny a Londoner living in Qld,My oldest daughter is a Qld living in London,Cheers.

  3. Nice to see some Russian armour in other than green. The French used a similar pattern to the urban Cheftain camouflage on some Panhard armoured vehicles. Looks "digital" but way before any thoughts of that in a more popular way I think.

    • Yes Stellan there is a lot of great looking camo coming out for armour now,I have some from China that look good to.Thanks for your thoughts.

  4. Hey Jim, like the tanks, but haven't you seen any more interesting twin beauties on your beach lately?

    • Thanks George I have to go and have some poking and probing at the Doc's this morning and as soon as I read your comment it put a smile on my face,so I can manage the rest of the day now,as for the beauties,it's Winter here and they are all rugged up,not even any snow bunnies,Ha Ha.

  5. Fantastic builds Jim, nicely done. Great camo schemes, very eye catching!

  6. Nice to see something different, they look great! the Russian build sorta reminds me of the old Ontos.

  7. I guess the anti-tank missiles make it look a little like the ontos,I have one of these built and it would fit in the boot of this tank,thanks for the comments Robert.

  8. Jim, love that Berlin urban camouflage! First time I've seen it on a model. I can also see why they call that Russian piece of armor the Terminator. Both are beautifully done!
    Good luck with the Drs. appointment, I've been doing that recently, and it isn't high on my list of things I enjoy doing. That said, it beats the alternative.

    • Thanks Bernard,yes this one stands out on the shelf,after building so much armour I try to look for something different,be it colour or something out of the norm,and going to the Drs is that way,I cringe when I go always think they will find something different,Yes if I don't wake up in pain I know it would be the alternative,I,m like a cereal brand when I wake up I snap crackle and pop. anyway its always nice to know I keep the service up on his BMW.Cheers.

  9. Very nice! Cool to see some different schemes. The builds look well done.

  10. Thanks Greg,the Chieftain was reasonable easy,but the Terminator had a lot of small parts,but I'm still happy with the end results,and the scheme is cool,am always looking for something different.Cheers

  11. Love the old 'Berlin Brigade' camouflage. Saw a Chieftain many years ago in that scheme from a distance (not in Berlin, in the tree-line) and it worked in that environment too !


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