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Clyde room pt3

And the last few. The models were changed about over the years so you may have seen some that are not here. Shame the clyde room is not there now but has a poor replacement in the new Glasgow transport museum

6 additional images. Click to enlarge.

21 responses to Clyde room pt3

  1. So what happened to these glorious ship models….?

  2. Shame that happened it looked like it would have been a nice display,to much of this happens,our museum houses a mass of armour and only brings it out of moth balls once a year,thanks for the insight.

  3. Anthony, thanks for posting these before the improvements happened.

  4. Wow. I mean wow. That stuff will make you wonder what you’re about building at all. Real mastery, and scratch built at that.

    I’m with you on the new museum thing. I grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and they had a great field museum growing up. Really fine exhibits and charm, especially for a city that size. It was replaced by a new one (Amway money), and all the charm and the best exhibits are lost. Terrible shame.

  5. Yeah. The setting is as important as the artifacts and should suit the display. But they just can’t resist messing about with our heritage even when it is detrimental .

  6. Thanks for posting these excellent shots Anthony! Concur with others on this forum – top shelf modelling that puts my rudimentary skills to shame. The level of detail and intricacy is exceptional, especially in awe of the RMS Queen Elizabeth. My father volunteers at a maritime museum in Australia and he also mentioned that they have a warehouse full of ship models that cannot fit in the display rooms.

  7. Cheers for that Adam.

  8. Makes you feel a bit humble struggling with a ‘tamigawa’ that almost builds itself – these ships are just gorgeous. You can almost feel the care that went into their making. Thanks for sharing.

    • Yes i know the feeling. Very humbling. Cheers David.

    • Right, David. I’m more of an armor & aircraft guy than a ship guy, but I spent HOURS just looking at the wonderful ship models formerly on display at the old museum. If they’re gone now, it’s practically criminal! Having all those models locked up in storage is almost as bad as not having them at all!

      Anthony, thanks for posting these pictures. These wonderful items will certainly remain alive in MY memory!

  9. Many thanks for the photos Anthony – some beautiful work here – and historic given the number of builder models – shame its been improved – thanks for the time and effort great to have a glimpse of it in its prime.

  10. Thank you for all these photos. I wish I had known about this museum.
    Something similar was done to the Küstenmuseum in Wilhelmshaven. Pictures in books I have, show that they had models in1:100 of all the major ships of the German Navy, the Hochseeflotte and the Kriegsmarine.
    Then the museum and the Marinemuseum in the same town were “modernised” and now only a few of the models are exhibited. I asked where all the models were when I was there, but got no good answer.

  11. Hello Anthony,
    Thanks for sharing these beautiful models with us. I have never been to this museum and I now for sure I missed something really good.
    Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

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