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Clyde Room

HI folks.Some old photos from around 2006 before they ruined the museum by building a new one. i had to take photos in a hurry to avoid people. no details of ship names but worth a look. The whiteish sailing ships are whale bone made by p.o.w.s. Most of the other models are shipyard builders models. Probably built by apprentices.

50 additional images. Click to enlarge.

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  1. Some spectacular talent on display say nothing of the man hours involved in all those marvelous builds. WOW!

  2. Really beautiful ships. where is the museum located?

  3. What a wonderful collection. I've looked at your three postings all together. A very rich history in shipbuilding in the Clyde area, and l would like to visit the region one day. My father was involved in shipbuilding most of his working life, so I still have a keen intrest in this subject, although not modelling ships myself, it's part of my family history. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Anthony, you just ruined my day. You just mentioned that the wonderful Museum of Transport & Industry in Glasgow had changed. Sooooo sad. My wife is from Glasgow & I visited that wonderful museum in 1988, and again in 1991. The collection of scale model ships was the most spectacular showing of these works of art I've ever seen. And now they changed it. Progress. Bah humbug!
    Thanks for sharing your photos & thoughts, Anthony.

    • I notice that one of your photos is of the steam-powered, side paddle, ocean-going ship, the Waverly. I spent a wonderful day sailing up the Clyde on the real ship. It's the last ocean-going steam paddle wheel ship still in regular use. (That was as of my last visit, which was around 2003, so things may have changed since then! HA!)
      Great memories!

    • Yes Jeffrey. Its a shame. The whole museum has moved and the most folks I've spoken too don't like it. The waverly is still going strong however. Cheers.

  5. Anthony, thanks for posting these, particularly since the museum has "improved" things. I suspect "change for the sake of change", the bane of most of us. Incredible craftsmanship and modeling skills on display.

  6. You don't want to know what those POW models were glued together with. 🙂

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