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Friday Briefing

July 7, 2017 · in Photo Collections · 16 Comments

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16 responses

  1. Rob, in my opinion this is your best Friday briefing yet, which is really saying something special. The range of subject, emotional impact, and humour are inspiring. Thank you for making Friday mornings SO much better.

  2. Got me, didnt realize it was already Friday. Time to peruse the next set of images. Looking forward to this at the end of the work week.

  3. Pretty girls and great humor,love them all,Rob your a champion taking time out from that demanding build you are doing and finding the time to put the pics up for us.A Big Thanks

  4. Fantastic as always!

  5. Yes, Rob...what they said! 🙂 And allow me to add my thanks as well.

  6. I have the Italeri kit, and all tools required, except one: the hammer.

  7. Yess Friday again. Thanks for the great collection. Really like the Swedish Airforce pitstop. What type of aircraft is that anyway?

  8. Is that tank girl again (from a couple weeks ago), this time dressed in white ?

  9. Hello Rob,
    Great selection. My favorite: The line up of Corsairs in the Pacific.
    Rob, could you, please, give any text by the picture with the three US Navy sailors?
    Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

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