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Friday Briefing

49 additional images. Click to enlarge.

16 responses to Friday Briefing

  1. Kurt Tank must have been having an off day….

  2. The A5 was a higly modified version of the A4…

  3. Aren’t those British troops in the background with Rommel….? That’s gotta be a photo shopped pic, right? He was never captured.

  4. Another brilliant set again,thanks a lot Rob.

  5. Hello Rob,
    Great selection. My favorite:
    “America sleep tight, your USAF is awake”.

  6. Great Selection! Could it be that on 39 it is an Austrian Eurofighter? A friend send a similar photo while they had a photoshooting for the Austrian “Airpower” from their Hercules C-130…Too bad that Austria has no money to keep them in duty – its a shame!

  7. Splendid as always, Rob. Thanks for the latest collection!

  8. Nice selections. A .45 and a flashlight?

  9. I actually own the “Sleep Tight” poster!! Amazing how no organisms are growing near the submerged tank. The water looks clean, but it must still be letting something go that they don’t like!

  10. Funny story about the Torpedo Squadron 21 S-3B. It was VS-21’s decommissioning aircraft and was in our Hanger at VS-41 awaiting transfer. I don’t remember if she went to MASDC or a museum. At any rate, someone took offense to the artwork and the Skipper had us cover the nose art with barrier paper. Before we docommed in VS-41 we were tasked with demilitarizing and prepping the S-3s from the fleet before they went to the desert to MASDC at Davis Monthan. My Navy had gotten pretty PC by the time I retired.

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