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Su-22 Reference Material

July 10, 2017 · in Photo Collections · · 8 Comments

Dear iModelers,

as recently mentioned in the iModeler newsletter, two new releases of the Sukhoi Su-17/22 rock the boat in 2017. One from Kittyhawk, as usually highly disputed, and one from Hobbyboss. Building this bird, the modeller has a huge variety of airforces to choose from: Afghanistan, Algeria, Angola, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Jemen, Lybia, Peru, Poland, Syria, Czechoslovakia and Vietnam have all used it. However, there's one nation thats affairs with the are particularly interesting. Or shall we say two? I'm talking about East- and West-Germany.

48 aircraft plus trainer versions were given to the Nationale Volksarmee in the mid eighties. They were assigned to reconnaissance services, but the attack character of this aircraft is so obvious that it made the East German government believe it's better to keep their existence secret to the people.

When the wall fell in 89, military operations on both sides were gradually reduced, ultimate flights of the Su-22 taking place in summer 90. With the day of the German reunion at 3rd October, 1990 the entire NVA fleet was put under the command of the West German Bundeswehr and one by one taken out of service.

If you travel through West Germany today, you will find little remains of the military airfields of the Cold War as they have either been transformed to airports of budget airlines or entirely closed down. In the East however, most of them are still existent though not in operation. At many of these airfields, passionate people with competence, commitment and energy have established museums. Without sufficient means to construct or maintain buildings, the aircraft are often left standing outside and are these aircraft a brilliant source of modelling references!

I've been travelling through Eastern Germany in the past days collecting material for the Su-22. Representing the turbulent times of 1989 and 1990, one of them still carries the NVA emblems, one already the ones of the Bundeswehr and one seems to be kind of in between with the NVA rhombus painted over and some hand-painted German flag on the fin. One eventually was marked as "for sale" and in fact, from time to time you can find a used-car dealer with a MIG or Sukhoi on the yard.

I have taken extensive picture material. Please drop me a line here on iModeler and I'm happy to share it with you.

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8 responses

  1. Great Photos Halvar, good to see!

  2. Excellent detail shot for those reference needs, - what's the asking price? 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing, Halvar! Great pictures. So much history. I was an M1A1 (Heavy) tank Master Gunner & commander stationed with the 11th Cavalry in Fulda when "The Wall" crumbled & fell in 1988 & 1989. Those were exciting times for us. To see all the remains of history scattered around like you've seen & photographed would be great.

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    said on July 10, 2017

    Good stuff Halvar.

  5. A great reference source. Nice shot of it facing the F-104.

  6. Hi Halvar, this info is great, and I'm tempted to get into one of these Russian aircraft, but, are you sure this is "Headlines" material, surely it would be better off in one of the group builds. I only say this because I've had my fingers burnt before by Martin! Anyway, with the increased membership of iModeler, headlines subjects are being swept away before many of us have even seen them. Hope you take this comment in the positive way that's it's intended.

    • Hello George, I had to look up the previous case you mentioned...

      As for the Headlines moderation, we have so far applied but two principles: (1) No direct ads (articles that encourage readers to buy something - this is now specified in our TOS) and (2) Articles being essentially a single question, (request for help) should be kept off the headlines. Other than that, we welcome user creativity - indeed, I believe that the way that the Headlines is evolving these days, with numerous show and museum reports, Friday Briefings etc. makes the site all the more more interesting...

      So the principle is - post to the Headlines when you want to present something or tell a story. If you want to ask, sell, buy, just mingle etc - feel free to use the groups area.

      To my mind, reference material such as walkarounds fits well in the Headlines category. Walkarounds are evergreen content that over time can be found useful by many, and therefore benefits greatly from remaining findable (through our own search and Google) - which is another feature of posting to the Headlines. Hope this helps...

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