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The iModeler team is growing

Four weeks have passed since our announcement about iModeler becoming a company. The response we received was simply overwhelming, with many best wishes, tips and suggestions for which we are deeply grateful and which we found very, very energizing.

Today we are excited to announce that our editorial team has been joined by Boris Rakic (@raikisan), and we’re pleased to welcome him onboard!

I’m sure you would already know Boris from his well presented articles on iModeler – see his entire blog here. Like many of you, we’ve met through iModeler. Then learned to know Boris not only as a compelling writer and prolific modeler, but also as marketing and digital media specialist. Boris will be joining our team devoting his skills and energy to grow this community, content and website.

Boris has already helped us to initiate a member newsletter, which should have arrived in your email last Friday. Sent from time to time, it will contain some useful additional news and highlights of the iModeler activity that otherwise might be easy to miss. Knowing Boris’ dedication to modeling, we can all rest assured that the content will be interesting, relevant and spam-free!

The newsletter isn’t the only project we’ve been working on. Based on your feedback we have already started work on offering iModeler T-shirts for purchase and are currently doing a test-run of the garments and the shop.

We are also thinking about ways to further grow the iModeler membership, so that all the positive experience of our members can be shared by many more!

Happy modeling,
Martin, Johannes & Boris – The iModeler Team

27 responses to The iModeler team is growing

  1. Welcome to the ever-growing iModeler editorial team, Boris….great to have you on board. We all look forward to your valuable contribution(s) – AND the T-shirts. 🙂

  2. I have really enjoyed Boris’ builds and I know we are in safe hands. And, um, someone floated the idea of an iModeler beer mug…

  3. T-shirts , beer mugs.. perhaps baseball caps?

  4. And just putting it out there, as the iModeler team expands, some would say there is a need for a good psychologist on board…

  5. this one is a good, informative and elegantly made newsletter with only an absolutely tolerable amount of ads…well done! for gmail users: i think by default it arrives into the promotions folder without notification so check this folder to find iModeler’s newsletter.

  6. Excellent good news and good luck.

  7. Thank you for the warm welcome, guys! David, I always thought building scale models was therapy in itself 🙂
    Milán, thank you for your kind words and the tip regarding gmail! In case you run into this issue, you can tell gmail that this is not promotion, future newletters should then land in your regular inbox.

  8. Boris, I agree – making scale models is very much a form of therapy. In which case I think some of those guys out there just need to build a bit more. Especially those tank guys…

  9. Great news! Very good to have Boris on board with additional skills to make and keep iModeler a wonderful social modeler’s platform. By the way,a nice iModeler poloshirt would be great to wear to events.

  10. Welcome to the team Boris !!!

  11. Glad to have you on board Boris!

  12. More great news! Exciting things are afoot!! 🙂

  13. Thanks @everyone for your feedback. For info, June was a record month at iModeler, averaging 5 new articles every single day, and 15 comments per posted article. Yey! Good news keep pouring in.

  14. Bienvenido Señor Boris! 😀

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