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FIAT G.91 R1 ESCI 1/48

August 27, 2017 · in Aviation · · 16 Comments

Just getting to posting a weekend build. The first time I saw a picture of a Gina (young enough to be pre-internet, but still old enough to know what "license built" meant), I thought it was a license built Sabre. Now that I have the two side by side, this is not the case. The FIAT is TINY! (And still looks like a Sabre and Crusader had a love child.) It also looks fabulous and I'd imagine is a pocket rocket like a Folland Gnat. Despite being an older kit, it's quite enjoyable to build although I could have used a little filler around the gun bay panels. I didn't catch the small gaps before it went to paint. That said it WAS a weekend build. Started Friday after work, finished Sunday before bed. (Sometimes it feels good just to knock one out.) I also used no filler on it other than the glue used for assembly. I let that fill gaps and stand proud of the surface and knock it down later. Didn't quite work on the gun panels! The cockpit is pretty non-existent, merely decals for the panels a stick and very basic seat. Neo-Mega makes a resin cockpit for it, but I didn't want to spend $30 on an $8 model. (They are nice though, I did get one for my Airfix Viggen and their complete Yak-23 Flora kit.) The paint is all Model Master. Metallic Silver for the underside (great for depicting aluminum lacquer) and Dark Green/Gunship Grey for the upper surfaces. This kit had gotten damp at some point, but the larger decals still worked with minimal silvering. I do want to build a nice one in Frecci Tricolori colors and maybe include the resin cockpit, but right now I'm just waiting for Sim Skunk Works to release theirs for FSX!

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16 responses

  1. Looks good from here, Josh - a 3-day build or not. Nice camouflage job too.

    • Yeah, I finally got my airbrush dialed in! (It also helps to use the wrench to make sure all the fittings are tight. Finger tight is NOT good enough!) the wings and tail were painted separate from the fuselage, so the hard line between the camo and silver was a no brainer! I think I'll be doing a tri-color on a Wildcat tomorrow!

  2. Very nice bird Josh, congratulations!

  3. Good one, Josh!

    And this description is right on! "... looks like a Sabre and Crusader had a love child." I've thought the same - altho with different wording! LoL!

    In my best days I couldn't have even this mini done on a weekend. Assembly - yes, but add painting? I doubt it for me!


    • Out of the airbrush flat enamels dry pretty quickly as does Testors Glosscote/Dullcote. So a simple camo job can get done rather rapidly. I usually wait an hour before putting on Glosscote (if I use it) then it sits about five before I decal. Dullcote (also if I use it) and final assembly happen the next day.

  4. One thing about weekend builds that you have some continuity i.e a beginning,middle and end. I always manage to turn my builds into weeks,months and years in some cases. Followed but, who the blazes did this rotten job of gluing several months after the fact...
    Two thumbs up for weekends and meeting young ladies named Gina.

  5. Josh, great to see one built. I know that Occidental and Heller had one in 48th, also. I always wondered if theirs were reboxes. Nice job on her.

  6. This is a nice one! Thought it was a Sabre myself way back in my youth.

  7. Nice to see a G-91 built, and over the weekend great job on it as well. I have the Occidental kit and wonder if it is the ESCI repop. Regardless something I may do next year. Thanks for sharing.

  8. As beautiful as an Italian actress..
    Forza bravo

  9. Very nice! I too thought your "love child" comment was an apt description...

  10. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Now there is one model not seen in awhile, and you did a very good job on her Josh. The camouflage is so well done it is a joy too see.

  11. Great job on a classic

  12. Definitely a beautiful looking plane, and great job on a weekend build.

  13. Amazing job on this Josh, looking forward to doing my matchbox version- its the next kit on my bench.

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