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Friday Briefing

August 4, 2017 · in Photo Collections · 26 Comments

49 additional images. Click to enlarge.

26 responses

  1. That 1st image always sets the pace everytime. Another amazing set of images from then to now. Always a pleasure to view them. Thanks for sharing Rob.

  2. 4 just made me spill my coffee. Through the nose.

    Thanks for posting, Rob!

  3. Very nice Rob as usual !

  4. I admit the guy in nr4 has something of an i***t...he reminds me of someone...

  5. Great pictures Rob. Please keep 'em coming.

  6. Thanks Rob, always look forward to Friday's briefing,
    BTW according to POW records on the web, it appeared that Lt Freeman's story has a happy ending. He was reported as a POW on April 11,1945 and is listed as "liberated or repatriated" as of July 22 1946, credited with 467 days as a POW.

  7. The B-2/F-15 shot is striking!

    • Dang it, stole my thunder yet again. That was the one that really "caught my eye" as well. And I don't recall seeing a 3-gun .50 installed in a tail turret - have you?

  8. Another great set as usual Rob, do you have any background info on #23, there seems to be a vaguely human form in the grass.

  9. Outstanding, as usual! I love all the pictures, but I especially enjoy the humourous ones.
    Thanks for doing these Briefings and keep 'em coming, PLEASE!

    PS - I too, am curious about the one with the body impression in the grass/soil.
    And I've never seen a tail gun setup with 3 M2 machine guns, either!

  10. No.6 is you why never go to sea in something smaller then an aircraft carrier [if you can help it], great stuff!

  11. The Galland photo reminds me of the old saying, "If you handcuffed a pilot, he'd be mute."

  12. Great work Rob personal favourite is the australian mirage

    • Ah...somebody noticed!

      • Great collection as usual Rob, this photo was on the cover of Australian Aviation mag' I think, why is it inverted ? keep watching for the answer !

      • Well, Rob, I noticed. I was CO of the Aircraft Research and Development Unit (ARDU) at RAAF Base Edinburgh in South Australia in the late eighties. That photo was taken shortly before I took over the unit, meaning that my predecessor (Group Captain, later Air Vice Marshal, Bob Richardson, who now farms alpacas at Yass just north of my place in Canberra) was the guy who wore the considerable consequential heat from the flying safety "heavies" at Air Force Office (the RAAF "head shed", as it were). The desk-bound "heavies" had convinced themselves that a certain lack of flying discipline was in evidence in that particular photo.

        The photo was simply intended to display the weaponry then subject to Mirage carriage and release trials at ARDU. I personally had no difficulty with the shot because, as a former Mirage jockey myself, I knew that the French Lady (as we called her) had a max roll rate so fast that it could almost pop your eyes out of their sockets. Thus the aircraft would have been right side up just a few microseconds after the shot was taken - and I only exaggerate slightly.

        One of the "heavies", whose flying experience amounted to simply hauling trash around in an a multi-engined aircraft with the roll rate of a three-toed sloth, had a go at me about it as well. "What the hell do you think a qualified test pilot with two fighter tours under his belt is?" I tartly responded. "A cream puff? Go haul some trash."

        And there the matter rested.

  13. Great selection Rob.

  14. Imagine having to build the Wellington airframes, and then having to cover them. I have tried my hand at rib stiching on a DC-3 aileron at an EAA forum. My fingers were very sore after about a half an hour! The shot of the General Lee in flight is proof that I CAN in fact enter a '69 Dodge Charger in the aircraft category! Sad sight of the Aussie F-111s being buried. Too bad at least one couldn't have made it into civvie hands to fly displays.

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