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Friday Briefing

49 additional images. Click to enlarge.

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  1. I dont know how you do it, Rob. Either you have several hard drives full of the most amazing photos or you spend every minute of every day scouring the world's websites for these brilliant images. Either way, thank you!

  2. Only 49 today, love the F-4 looming up behind the C-130. The few car images are cool, the Corvair and the BMW 3 series convt images back to back could've been taken from my driveway a few years ago as I had both cars sitting side by side at one time. And finally the Harness horse pacer is one I can relate too as well. Good stuff.

    • Check again. Firstly the loadup states 50 but when actually posted it shows 49 and I have to go back to add another image. Don't know why, but it happens regularly. I can usually correct it quickly but you were too sharp for me this time!

  3. I'm with Chuck; the F4 trailing the C-130 is an awesome photo. I wondered at first if it was a Photoshop (or similar) product.

    I was sad to get to the last photo. That means I have to wait another week for more.


  4. I've become a great fan of your work. N1 could zis be ze country where I live?...

  5. The two pics of the Lightnings evoke my senses...a shame about the one left to deteriorate and the other in all it's beauty and splendor. And that saucer thing MUST be photo shopped, right? The Hustler is a great shot - as is the T-38/Corvair pic. I can't help but wonder how the aft end of the Phantom was photographed on it's takeoff roll. Great stuff as always, Rob...thanks.

  6. I don't really see how # 47 is relevant to this hobby...but I'm glad you put it in anyway ,cheers.

  7. Nice collection! Both F-4s are great, as are the B-58 and the sun bathing on the flying boat wing.

  8. Another great selection Rob. Thanks for all your efforts.

  9. The Hustler, Viggen and F-16 with the vapor, smokewinders and heat haze are all nice! It's amazing that the T-38 and Corvair are the same vintage. The Talon doesn't look dated at all! Now the girl with the assets working on the BMW, she'd be perfect if it were an Alfa she was wrenching on!

  10. Rob, love the photos, as usual. The Lightning is really growing on me!

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