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P47-D Razorback Nose Art

This is the 1/48th scale Tamiya P47-D Thunderbolt Razorback.
The model was painted with Aeromaster acrylics with the exception of the canopy frame, which was painted with Xtracolor enamel. Artist gouache was used for weathering and to highlight the panel lines.
The seat belts are from Eduard. The decals are Eagle Strike set number 48054.
American Jabos.
The markings are for Yankee Tarheel. Flown by Lt. H. I. Price. 510 F.S. 405 F.G.

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20 responses to P47-D Razorback Nose Art

  1. Hi Julian, you managed to post this while I was looking at something else! Another very nicely finished model from you, and, I just love the nose art……….

  2. Love a Razorback and this is an excellent example of the type.

  3. One of my favorites radials….especially this version. Tamiya makes a sweet one, too. And this one just “shows to go ya”. 🙂 Beautiful work, sir.

  4. Julian, A very nice, clean build, and a wonderful scheme. Well done !

  5. Beautiful work. I love this.

  6. I love it! It’s interesting to see that (from what I’ve seen which isn’t NEAR as much as many here) the nose art on fighters was primarily on the port side only. Not ALL fighters, certainly, but many. My Mom’s late husband was a B-24 nose gunner and I have a few photos of the crew posing in front of the inside starboard engine and their scantily clad lady nose art was painted on both sides. No biggie, for sure – just one guy’s observation.

  7. Great looking 47!

  8. Julian, when I look at your work, I take solace in the thought that by the time I’m in my mid-90s I will have caught up…I hope…

  9. Julian, great looking P-47D! And nekkid wimmin! No doubt what they were fighting for.

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