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Z-M 48th F-4 Phantom

The term “over-engineered” is often used to describe some manufacturing techniques lately. I can’t really say that this is the case here, but it did seem (at least to me), that Z-M made this kit a little more ‘complicated’ that it had to be. Although a very nice kit – with many little nuances you don’t normally find in this scale – there were some aspects of the assembly procedure that made one kinda scratch their head and wonder “…why did they do it like THIS…”? In any event, it built up to very nice Rhino (despite the few self-inflicted ‘wounds’ I managed to make). I used the excellent Eduard PE interior and a set of decals from the newly-formed Floyd Werner’s “Werners Wings” decal cottage industry. To be fair, this model does NOT depict any particular aircraft, but rather an example created in my own warped mind (because I CAN)..LOL – SO..I have yet another addition to the Shelf of Doom (for the Phantom’s enemies, that is).

12 additional images. Click to enlarge.

48 responses to Z-M 48th F-4 Phantom

  1. Craig, you are cranking them out on the F4 front! That is a really clean build. Now I may have to get me one of them. I read the reviews, and all that how it’s perhaps a little too complicated. Certainly you overcame that.
    she is a beauty, and a nice addition to your Phantom lineup. “PN” was that outfit in the Phillipines, before the volcano and politics got us to leave. Probably out of Clark Field, which I came thru on the way back from the RVN. History! It do entertain one.

  2. Nice work and pics, Craig!!!

  3. Lovely Phantom, Craig, keep them coming

  4. Nice job Craig, that’s a really good looking Phantom

  5. Do you got a mini St. Louis plant churning these out? Looks great!

  6. Very nice Craig !, You’ve really rolled out a beauty this time. Seems like the F4 is one of those models that has an almost cult like following, like those crazy Spitfire and 109 guys. Everyone has one, or has done one, but we never get tired of seeing another one ! Good stuff !

  7. Outstanding, Craig! It looks like you have some other great versions, too. I look forward the your next one!

  8. Lovely finish. The seats look very well detailed.

  9. I didn’t know that manufacturer but your phantom looks great inside and outside.
    Well done Phantom Craig!

  10. I don’t do ‘modern’ but I’m going to do one of these! Fantastic Craig! Inspirational stuff – the interior looks perfect!

  11. Looks very nice! I like that you have taken pictures both outside and indoors. It looks amazing in all the different light.

  12. Hi Craig,
    Great looking Rhino, and as mentioned before, I like your different stile of photographing this model. Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

  13. Impressive. Thanks Craig.

  14. Don’t know of anyone who has built the ZM version but yours looks really good. Runway looks a bit rough though….😊

  15. I like it Craig. Well done!! You are surely turning out some nice looking Pantoms!!

  16. Great looking Phantom! I like that scheme – hadn’t considered one like that, although the Phantom is the one kit I have the most of in my stash… Once I get through all my interesting camo versions (IDF, Greek, etc.) I may do one like this!

    • Thanks, Greg….like I said, I just “made it up” as far as the scheme goes – just applied some markings I thought looked the part (I do that a lot) – unlike most folks who try to replicate an actual aircraft. It may not be ‘accurate’, but I enjoy doing what i do. Thanks again.

  17. Good stuff finishing another kit Craig. Looks good.

  18. very nice indeed! Well done

  19. Another masterpiece Craig. Your Phantom looks Phabulous 🙂
    Good to see you back at the work bench buddy……………..

  20. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Well … after a busy week … I finally logged into the forum.
    And BAMMM ! a F-4 PHANTOM … and to my surprise, again from Craig.
    Thanks my friend, this is a very nice eye opener.
    Just as your previous one … very nice job. Very clean and a good job on those seats.
    Keep them coming my friend … they always are nice eye candy.

  21. Another nice addition to your F4 collection Craig, looking good.

  22. Lovely Rhino Craig, when I saw this come out I wondered what it would be like.
    Seeing your build makes me want to add it to the stash pronto.
    Nice work sir.

  23. Very nice. I’ve never built anything from this company and now you’ve piqued my interest

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