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Airfix 1:32 Mini Countryman starter kit

September 30, 2017 · in Automotive · · 9 · 2.6K

Breaking modellers block with an starter kit on a subject that i always wanted ot model and never had the guts to try. Times they are a changin'... so this is my first article for imodeler .

This is the 1:32 Airifx countryman WRC starter kit.

I have never completed a car build before, so i decided as it was on special at my local Asda ( 2 kits for 20 quid! I couldnt believe it) .

The kit comes as a end opening box with paint two brushes and one deal option for Team Mini.

I have already made a start and my first picture (pic1) shows where I am so far ( step 2 in the instructions for those that have already built this).

The build starts with putting a bulkhead on the chassis, i then painted the wheels, dash, steering wheel, shock absorbers , wishbones and internal sections where white would be visible.

the next step is to build and attach the shick absorbers and wishbone structures on to the chassis..

Day 2s progress (pics 2 and 3)

so step 3 was completed which was the suspension, step 4 was the start of the interioir, pedlas, gear stick,fire extinguisher and a few other bits. i havent got the fire extinguisher in yet, but that will be tomorrows first thing..

Day3 ...couldnt sleep so I have got the seats, steering column and an undercoat on the bodyshell. the dashboard is in too. the photo isnt the best and i can see i already have touching up to do. pic 4 shows the end of day3s progress.

day 4 i couldnt sleep, so i have hand painted the bodyshell, the other good news is that i now have a my camera back so the quality of my imagery should improve. i am starting on the rollcage. pic5 shows the bodyshell so far. I have used revell aqua colour ferrari red. I dont think its quite the right colour but i will change colour under varnish.

i had a day off the kit yesterday and i am already regretting it. i was going to paint the rollcage once i had built it, but my inner modeller said no and that it should be painted before construction, so i listened to the voices. i have also painted the straps , touched up the shock absorbers, wheels, body shell, i have applied the first coat of black on the pillars . wondering whether the white roof will be better left the white colour of the plastic or paint it. . tomorrow I will be finally constructing the rollcage, putting my race harnesses on the seats attaching the steering wheel and hopefully this will put me at the end of step 9 in the instructions. i do need to find some kind of chrome paint so i can touch up the speedo and apply some trim, but so far i am really pleased on the build.. i will post pictures tomorrow so you can see a before and after..

Today I got a bit carried away. I have built and fitted the rollcage, fitted the brake discs and wheels added the glazing (pic 12)and pre painted the grills and side internal body panels to fit tomorrow. I have taken pictures as I have been going along and will connect my camera tomorrow. The fitting of the rear seatbelts was tricky and I have off set the front wheels to make it look a bit different. I have fought with the carpet monster as the steering wheel fell off and won.Pic 13 is where i left the build.

Weekend is here and so i am commiting plastic again. today I have fitted the grill, vents and interior side panels. I am ( drum roll) almost ready to commit body shell to chassis...I am hoping to do that this evening later

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  1. Welcome aboard,'ll like it here (if you don't already). Are you planning on "decorating" the car as depicted..? I think it looks sharp like that!. 🙂

  2. Welcome Paul! Glad to read about your re-entry into the iModer campground.

    Love the Mini and I look forward to the finished car.

  3. Welcome aboard Paul ! Great subject you have started, and I will be looking forward to future updates.

    My wife has a "Mellow Yellow" colored 2008 Mini that we bought used from the original owner a few months ago. Mini's are very cool cars...

  4. I haven't seen this kit before but it looks pretty detailed, so I'm looking forward to seeing the finished model, you've got off to a great start. A warm welcome to iModeler.

  5. thanks guys, i had modellers block really bad. i saw this kit in asda( walmart) on a special offer and found some kind of mojo that made me want to build it. I have never built a car, before, i have been an aircraft guy through and through. When i googled this kit, i didn't find many articles. the ones i did find were all build reviews and the ones that finishe were out of box, so it made me excited and here we are in a full build.I have recently move house so I will have to find my Klear to get rid of the brush strokes. Still plenty of work before that though.

  6. I'd also like to say welcome to the crazy house. We don't bite. We're not sarcastic. We're not critical. We support each other and we love to learn. What's not to like?

  7. sounds perfect Dave. glad to be here and be back in the hobby (again)...

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