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Friday Briefing

49 additional images. Click to enlarge.

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  1. Another great set Rob. I've never seen that B-24 assembly ship before

  2. Great selection! Vulcan shadow over the wreck of "Lady be Good" is my choice from this weeks photo montage!

  3. Thank you for this versatile weekend kick start, again!

  4. Once again Rob amazing set of images. Each one a story. Captivating stuff.

  5. Yet another great selection. Thanks for taking the time to post them .

  6. I think this may just be one of the best selection of images to date. Yep.

  7. I like #49. They must paint their planes in the traditional style of the Ukrainian Easter egg! For real though, it this one of the display team's jets being touched up between shows?

  8. Great photos, And you've satisfied my Phantom phix!

  9. What type of plane is it in photo #41 ? The one with all of the holes in it ? I wouldn't want to be anywhere inside that one when it was hit... repeatedly...

    This is another testament to the men who were brave enough to fly, and more often than not, die for their country.
    They say that the 8th US Air Force lost more men in the course of WW2 than the entire US Marine Corps lost during the War.

    Thanks for posting these Rob. I look forward to them every Friday...

    • The "Lady Be Good" is a great picture too...

    • Here is what I found Louis..."Interior of the fuselage of Handley Page Halifax B Mark II, JP321 'V', of No. 614 Squadron RAF, showing some of the many holes caused by splinters from an anti-aircraft rocket which hit the aircraft during an early pathfinding operation over central Europe. The aircraft was successfully flown back to the Squadron's base at Celone, Italy, but was struck off charge as a result of the damage"

      • Some more..."On 22/23 November 1944 Halifax JP321/V of No 614 Squadron, with Fg Off H. Weldon and crew, acted as 'illuminator' for a raid on the marshalling yards at Szombatheley, Hungary. At 2010 hrs the Halifax was attacked twice in three minutes by a Ju 88 night fighter. The first enemy incendiaries set fire to two ammunition boxes in the rear fuselage, causing most of the rounds to detonate. Regardless of the hazard, the flight engineer, Sgt K. Briggs, extinguished the flames and the aircraft was brought back to its Amendola base in Italy without injury to the crew"

  10. The "pleasure room" meme is priceless. 'Shades of Grey? Meh, whatever. Looking at that sweet nook with that stash...Pavlov's dogs, man. Yum!

  11. The MV-22B with the 23 on the forward sponson; I put that aircraft through flight test back in 2005.

    If you notice, it has a different paint job than the Osprey behind it. It's a Have Glass scheme that was applied to four Ospreys.

  12. Hi Rob,
    Great as always. My favorite, all the old locomotives from the German "Reichsbahn"
    Highest Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

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