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Friday Briefing

49 additional images. Click to enlarge.

18 responses to Friday Briefing

  1. Brilliant start to the day. Thank you Rob!

  2. Thanks again, Rob…..(love the Camelflage) – šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

  3. Another really interesting set Rob, is #3 North Korea’s latest front line aircraft ?

  4. Great way to start the weekend. Eye candy

  5. Ahh, the Bomber ! (the Texaco station in Milwaukie Oregon). A very interesting story how it got there (that Spielberg should make into a movie). A restoration is underway on the B-17 (as a static display, as it will never fly again), however there is talk of restoring the entire gas station / restaurant (with the bomber) as you see here, at the Evergreen air museum in McMinnville.

  6. Hello Rob,
    Thanks for the great collection.
    My favorite, the Bell (underside) from the USMC base flight.
    Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

  7. Another winner, Rob! Thanks!

  8. Ahh Phantoms 28&39. The Blackbird crew line up is cool too.

  9. So many good ones today! Would love the Reliant Scimitar in #35 in my garage next to a Volvo 1800ES. (I even like the color!) The ol’ Duke Boys must have been driving the car that took out the C-123 (although I didn’t see an “01” or stars n bars on it)! You’d think the guy in the Il-76 could reel out just a little more hose for the Flanker pilot! Really love the scenery at the MiG-31 base. Too bad the clouds are hiding most of the mountain. (Kind of like when I went to Mount Hood.) The A-5 hanging off the deck is pretty unusual.

  10. Rob, great stuff!

  11. #1 is where the parafrag is going to make for a bad day and 24 is interesting to me because I wonder how high that coupe was flying to bring down that 119

  12. Another great selection Rob. My favourites are Rommel giving a hand, B 1 bombay and US carrier passing the memorial to the USS Arizona in Pearl Harbour.

  13. You made my day again Rob………………………. Thanks

  14. Stand the test of time Rob!

  15. I miss the Friday Briefings.

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