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I can’t help myself….

I got Phantom Brain-Lock I think. Yes….it’s the other 48th scale Z-M F-4. A little easier this time after “gong to school” on the other one just before this. Free hand camo (sorta). Rattle can paint job with some carefully placed pieces of 1″ foam cut into various shapes. Eduard PE set(s) and canopy mask set (a real time-saver…wish I could get canopy masks for everything). Anyhow, it takes it’s place on the “shelf of Phantoms”. And now….back to the bench. I have another F-4 almost ready for the finishing touches. I think I have OCD. 🙁

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34 responses to I can’t help myself….

  1. I admit it: I LOVE Phantoms. Any & all users & paint.

  2. Craig, that’s a good looking F-4C. Col. Olds’ markings. How was the build? I don’t have this one, and after seeing yours, I’m thinkin’ ’bout it. Any thoughts about the different manufacturers kits of the Phantom you have under your belt? I’ve got Hasegawas, but nuthin’ of the newer crop, thus the question.

  3. Nice job Craig 😉


  4. They used to say about F-4s” How do you find the Phantoms?.. You follow the smoke trails.” In this case you check out your Phantastic posts.

  5. Looks great Craig !!! Isn’t this one of Col. Robin Olds’ planes ????

  6. That shelf is looking sensational Craig – you are pretty much ready for a post of all the phantoms once the next one is ready!

  7. Hey look, Craig posted a Phantom !
    Craig, I have to admit this is my favorite of your Phantoms. Well done !

  8. You need help. I suggest building an F4 as therapy.

  9. Yet another great looking Phantom Craig. Well done.

  10. Another great Phantom to add to your collection, Craig, and I really like the outdoor phantographs(!).

  11. Another MIGHTY FINE looking Phantom!!!

  12. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Ok Craig … now you are playing with me my friend. Another PHANTOM and it looks great !
    Keep those Phantoms going and I will feel tempted to see them.
    Good work and fun.

  13. Keep them coming Craig, another Missouri Mauler .
    Nice build, and the “Rattle Can Meister ” at work.

  14. Another nice Phantom – I’m thinking you have PCD…
    I too love Phantoms, but what always slows me down from starting another is all the work to get the metal work right on the stabilizers and under the rump. I recently had the thought to build 2 or 3 at once so I can just assembly line the stabilizers and other metal work. I’m thinking a Greek ghost scheme, an IDF, and the colorful Luftwaffe version. Whadiya think? I might get my shelf looking like yours (small scale though…)!

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