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Australian Flying Corps Sopwith Pup – 1/48 Flashback (ex Eduard)

Hi all,
This kit is one of the old Eduard molds, re released by Flashback and frankly a pretty rough kit. If you are up for a little challenge, see if you can find one and see how you go!

I made quite a few modifications because so many little details were missing; such as:
– new engine – the kit one was a lump of white metal.
– cut a second slot in the white metal engine cowl
– scratched up a pitot tube
– rudder king post
– carburettor intakes
– pulsometer
– fuel pump
– control cables, framing and bracing in the cockpit
– windscreen
– landing gear details (more there than you realise!)
– oil and petrol caps on the forward fuselage
– photoetched stitching was added to the starboard fuselage
– fillets just forward of the horizontal stabliser
– pulley inspection windows and the pullies within on the upper mainplanes

The wood texture to the turtledeck and propeller is burnt sienna oils over a light tan base coat.

The gun sight may seem a little out of place without a gun, but this aircraft was used with Number 5 Training SQN AFC and so no gun would have been fitted (it is absent in the photographs.)

And of course the decals! This aircraft is a rare beast (pun intended) as Commonwealth aircraft were rarely so gaudy. I have photo’s of both sides of this aircraft and the dragon does appear on both. Where details were hard to discern, I used a Norman Clifford painting of this aircraft to fill in the gaps. The decals were created in Corel Draw and printed on an ALPS printer so most of the interesting work was easy.

I look at it now and will probably weather up the underside – some castor oil staining is a bit of a must I think!


6 additional images. Click to enlarge.

12 responses to Australian Flying Corps Sopwith Pup – 1/48 Flashback (ex Eduard)

  1. Paul, I really like this WWI stuff because I always admire the rigging work you guys do, that I’m sure I would screw up !, with that said, this is really nice, It has a very realistic look to it. Well done !

  2. Beautifully done, Carl. As Terry said, the rigging is outstanding and I love the way the undersides are painted, with the little thin border of darker upper side colour. I’ve never seen that done before.

  3. I’m still amazed at the talent(s) displayed when someone builds anything with rigging – AND this small (a 48th scale kit that doesn’t even fill up your palm) – very nice work, sir.

  4. amazing detail – beautiful model – well done!

  5. Paul, some strong work with the rigging,paint job and all of the TLC that makes this model special with all the added details. Definitely a contender for model of the month.

    Two thumbs up.

  6. You certainly rose up to this challenge magnificently, great detail work and a terrific finish.

  7. Hello Paul, this is an awesome model, may i ask for your help, my best friend is building a 1/3 scale pup and he fell in Love with your scheme, im trying to help him and his girl on this build and would you be able to help me with the artwork of the Dragon? so looking forward to your answer thank you in advance.

    • Hi Marvin, a 1/3 scale Pup sounds very exciting. The only pictures I know of this medel are here
      Is that all you were after? I can supply the original artwork I did for the decals for a fair price. Let me know what you want to do.

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