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Monogram’s venerable F-102 Delta Dagger. I was able to pick up an original boxing from my local hobby shop and the fit was actually quite good. A few spots were the canopy fit and missile bay door fit if you want them closed. The undersides of the wings due to the way they were engineered had some gaps, and there were some sink marks at the inside of the tail. I used an after market seat, the one from the kit was great…but..well…I stepped on it. Markings were Superscale for 57th FIS Keflavik about 1972. The tail colors were a challenge to get right. They were not day-glo, nor the earlier insignia red, but according to an article I read by Paul Boyer fluorescent red. I used decanted Tamiya bright red over sprayed with Tamiya fluorescent red, and it looks pretty good when compared to online pictures.

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13 responses to Dagger!

  1. Nice work, Rob. That’s still a great kit.

  2. Can’t beat those “old” Monogram kits for the money. Builds up to a respectable representation….like this one. 🙂

  3. Your nice clean build shows off the lines of this classic beautifully.

  4. Great work Rob. It shows that the older kits can still be made into a very good representation. Very well done with the red colour on the tail and wings, it looks great!

  5. Thanks guys, the fit was actually great overall considering what I had read about it and that made the ability to get a nice finish so much easier. It did have Monogram’s penchant for oddly designed parts breakdowns in full force with the wings and tail, but really nothing too tough to over come. The upper wing to fuselage was near perfect and I had read horror stories about that. Goes to show you that seeking out those original boxings really does make a difference, and in this case I got one for $10 less than the current Revell boxing.

  6. Splendid work Rob, I just like this interceptor very much!

  7. Love this. One of my favorite planes. Excellent job with the kit.

  8. Nice looking “Deuce”, Rob.

    The Monogram F-102 is something of an anomaly. It was the last of their Century Series models and i always thought they did it reluctantly. It just doesn’t have quite the same “Look” as the earlier F-106, and the fit of the parts is if anything probably not quite as good. Having said that, it’s still pretty accurate and the the truly afflicted among us can have a lot of fun detailing it out. Unfortunately, i have 6 of the original issue kits in a storage unit in Florida, which i can’t get to, LOL

  9. Nice Rob! Looks like you got the red pretty good.

  10. Nicely done Rob. Like you, I heard of the problems others had with this kit but this build has increased my confidence to get mine out of the stash……… day

  11. Good fit or bad, you nailed it! Great job on a great old, kit. The F-102 & F-106 are truly classics.

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