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Eduard Spitfire Mk. IXe 1/72

Spitfire Mk. IXe, flown (probably) by Maj. Vasiliy A. Matsyevich, the unit commander of the 26th GIAP, Leningrad area, May 1945. There are various theories to the appearance of this peticular Spitfire, this is one of them. (This info is according to the instructions)

First time I used Vallejo Model Color for the whole model. I have recently switched from Humbrol enamels to Vallejo Model Color, and I am quite happy with the switch. The Vallejo Model Color range is excellent for brush painting I think. I also used Panel Wash from Ammo by MIG.

The kit is a Eduard Royal Class edition and was a joy to work with.
I used to think PE parts for a 1/72 was kind of pointless, but I have changed my mind. Even though you can’t see most of them once the kit is finished, I like working with those tiny parts.

For me personally, this build was a bench mark. With this and the u-boat I built just before, I feel like I have really evolved somewhat as a modeler. Finally the visions in my head are starting to come out as I want them to. For me modeling is mostly about the process, I seldom care for the finished work after a while, but that doesn’t mean that I want to get better and improve. There are more visions in my head one might say.

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18 responses to Eduard Spitfire Mk. IXe 1/72

  1. Good work and a good vision you had there Johan.
    I fully subscribe that getting a model done is nothing else than a personal perspective/vision/idea the builder has of that particular subject,
    I wouldn’t say your Spit was hand painted, it’s quite good indeed, and I like the overall looks of it.

  2. Very nice work in 1/72, great paint job. I love it. Sorry to be a wet blanket…..isn’t you canopy on back to front or are my eye’s deceiving me. I am getting on a bit….. eye’s no so good any more.. Love the build.

  3. Stunning workmanship in any scale, but that underside detail AND being a 72nd build makes PE on a kit this size is even more unbelievable. Oh….and don’t feel alone on dumb mistakes…one can most likely find one or two on just about ALL of my stuff. 🙁

  4. Johan, I thought it was 1/48th at first. What a stunning scheme! First rate!

  5. And a nice poster, too. Where did you get that?

  6. Very nice build! I brush paint all of my builds, and really appreciate the Vallejo Model Color paints for that purpose (although the lighter shades can prevent some coverage issues…!).

    • Thank you, Greg! I am still learning how to use the Vallejo colours, still gotta figure out how to do mottling properly. So while I’m building I experiment a lot. But that’s part of the fun. People keep asking me when will I get an airbrush…I’m like «Eh, never?»

  7. An excellent model, Johan, and the best part is that you are obviously enjoying the hobby.

  8. Beautifully done, Johan! And in such an interesting paint scheme – which you did VERY well, too! We don’t see many Spits in Russian livery.

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