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Eiffel Tower, H:14cm, nonescale, 3D metal puzzle

Hello Modelers!
I suddenly gripped this thing and made in just couple of days.
“3D metal puzzle” It’s basically kind of PE metal product for hobbys. It was in fashion several years ago in Korea. I have no idea if it was also in another country.

Anyway, this product took my eyes because it’s well detailed and it has almost exact proportion. and I just planned for this little vignette

I sprayed bottom layer with brown lacquer and colored with enamel. and dull coated for finish, washed and gave some weathering.

Base is just google earth image printed on paper. I sprayed dull coat for remove greasy ink surface. Trees are sponge soaked with enamel wash

So, easily done. This build was so burdenless but now some heavy build waits me…

14 additional images. Click to enlarge.

10 responses to Eiffel Tower, H:14cm, nonescale, 3D metal puzzle

  1. I’ve seen these. There is a series of international landmarks but this is the only one I’ve ever seen made up. Interesting.

  2. Looks very nice. Only 14 cm high?
    So the base must be about the size of a postcard?

  3. I wasn’t sure on the scale until I saw the hand shot. Nice! My mom is heading to Paris in a few days (hopefully the strikes won’t inhibit her trip!).

  4. Fascinating and beautifully done, Hongseob! I say in all seriousness because I have seen the Eiffel several times and been up to the 2nd level, though the top level was closed for some repainting.

    I’ve never seen these so this is outstanding – and the size is really surprising! The detail would be expected on a much larger scale.

    Bravo, Hongseob Choi !

  5. Very cool….never seen one of these type kits before (and thanks for including a pic for size reference). 🙂

  6. Tres Bon, Monsieur!

  7. Something really different! Nice!

  8. Well I think that’s a first on here! Nice work though, really cool base.

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