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Me 262 1/32 Trumpeter

My name is Moritz I´m from Germany and I am 18 years old. This is my first upload so I would love to get some responses! The model is my Messerschmitt 262 in 1/32 by Trumpeter which is now about 2 years old. It was also the first model I finished on my own after years of building models together with my father who also is into modeling since he was a child. The color scheme does not portray any specific aircraft I just came up with it myself. It is nothing too extraordinary but I also do not own an airbrush at all. The plane was painted using the simple Tamiya spray cans. The only additions that were made are the Eduard Cockpit Set, some wires for the breaks as well as in the cockpit and finally the small magnet which holds the door to the guns in place.

I hope you enjoy it and please leave some constructive feedback as I for example still didnt exactly figure out how to apply decals.
Greetings from Essen.

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23 responses to Me 262 1/32 Trumpeter

  1. Hello Moritz, I think your Me262 looks very good. Decals can always be a problem no matter how long you’ve been making models. The trick is to apply the decals to a gloss surface to help reduce what’s known as silvering. I thought the cockpit looks rather good. Regards, Julian.

  2. Hi!
    Thanks for the compliment and the tip! I will try it on my next plane.

  3. I’d wish my first solo build was half of what you show us here! No way would I achieve a paint work so good using spray cans.
    The only problem I see with your 262 is the silvering in some decals, namely wing walk ways. Perhaps lack of varnish after completing the paint work? Anyway, it is a very good model, keep it up and you will see your models getting better each build

  4. Fantastic result, Moritz. My first finished model was no way close to this one.
    As Julian and Pedro said, a gloss coat beneath the decal avoids the silvery shine under the carrier film and a flat one above hides the edges. My addition to that: you can continue using Tamiya rattle cans, they do a very good job for all that clear coating. Gunze Mr. Paint are worth a recommendation too.

  5. A beautiful piece of modeling, my young friend….and welcome to the site!

  6. Welcome aboard Moritz. Your first upload looks very good, and it happens to be one of my favorite WW2 German subjects. Well done.

  7. Moritz, welcome! Beautiful job on the ME-262. The cockpit is really well done.

  8. Nice work for an early attempt.

    Next model, give it a coat of clear gloss, then apply the decals. There is no such thing as too much decal solvent. If you see silvering, slice the decal with an Xacto blade and apply more solvent. Once the decals have settled down, apply a coat of clear flat.

    You’re well on the way to doing great work. It’s details like this that will make your result as good as your talent shows you can be.

  9. Convince your dad to buy an airbrush! 🙂

  10. Moritz, keep at it (you have a lot of talent and skill), stay open to constructive criticism, and don’t be afraid to experiment and make mistakes and you’ll get years of joy from this. And Tom is right, get yourself an airbrush.
    Welcome to the family, Moritz.

  11. The ME 262 is a great looking aircraft, as is your model of it. The outdoor photographs show it off very well. You’ve already had some advice about applying the decals above, but you definitely need to apply them to a gloss surface for the best result. Looking forward to seeing some more of your work, welcome to iModeler.

  12. Very well detailed! welcome.

  13. Welcome aboard! Great-looking Me 262. Your detail work on the interior looks really great. The more you build (and look at what other’s are doing), the better you’ll become!

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