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P-38 walkaround

Some photos taken 10+ years ago out at Planes of Fame of a P-38L in NMF.

My mother always claimed that the first word I said was “airplane!” (opane!) as I pointed up at a P-38 flying over the park we were in. So my love affair with the Fork-Tailed Devil has been life-long.

5 additional images. Click to enlarge.

6 responses

  1. Great pictures, they will come in useful.

  2. Thanks for sharin’ the pics, TC – 🙂

  3. Thanks, Tom! Imagine, being able to see one in the metal!

  4. One thing I have notice about these photos is that the sheet metal is a uniform color. Is that from the restoration process or etching the surface in prep for painting? The grain of the metal in some natural metal finishes depending on light shows variations in values or colors and some folks end up using half dozen variations of aluminum. When one color may do …

  5. that’s interesting. NMF seems neither mirror chrome nor silver spray… but it seems just like aluminium foil covered on it!

  6. Isn’t it because the restorations sand every surface, but the planes were assembled with whatever finish was needed?

    Then there is the silver paint/laquer/etc. that appeared on some planes. The P-51 comes to mind. Perhaps others …

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