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Revell Fire Fighter

This is the original Revell Fire Fighter from 1962. The props and water monitors are “brass plated.” I originally built the model around 1979. Over the years, the white “yellowed” and looked terrible. I actually disassembled the model very carefully and re-painted everything on the superstructure and hull that were white. It was quite a project requiring a lot of care not to break anything. I was more than pleased with the results. I re-painted her with Trucolor white.

I just added a photo of 2 patches given to me by Marine 9 where the Fire Fighter was stationed. I actually got a personal tour of her in 1984. Note on the patch to the left the WTC in the background.

4 additional images. Click to enlarge.

17 responses to Revell Fire Fighter

  1. The “re-fitting” process sounds as if it might have been more ‘work’ than the original build. Either way, you achieved a great-looking result. Nice job, sir.

  2. Great dedication to the subject, Rick. Nice to see you reclaim the high ground.

  3. Very nice – the elbow grease paid off!

  4. Glad you guys like it. In some respects Craig is correct. The re-working and re-building was a lot of work. The biggest risk was no breaking anything. This model is long out of production.

  5. Fantastic work on this great classic kit. I can imagine the amount of work to re-build it, you did a fine job.
    Trains are interesting as well by the way.

  6. Ferry:
    Thank you for your kind remarks on the model. I’ll post more photos of my HO layout.

  7. Fantastic project, Rick.
    I built this model when I was like 12 but unfortunately it went to the dustbin some years later. It gives me very nice childhood memories, many thanks for posting it.

  8. Johannes:
    I’m glad my model brought back pleasant memories for you. It certainly was an “interesting” project; yet well worth it.

  9. The Fire Fighter has undergone a complete overhaul and has been restored to her as-delivered color scheme like my model. She is on display in Greenpoint, NY.

  10. Correction, she’s at Greenport Village on Long Island.

  11. Great overhaul on a classic! nice to see the patches..and insructions.

  12. Robert, Thank you!! I thought the instructions and the patches would add an unusual “touch.”

  13. Rick, thanks. I always wanted to see one of these built. Beautiful job on her.

  14. Beautiful work, and much more difficult than it may appear, I’m sure. You had good inspiration, and met the challenge successfully.

  15. Thank you Joe.
    Rebuilding the model was certainly a challenge.
    Glad you like how she looks.

  16. Rick…..great work. I love boat models, not big on ships, but boats are cool. So much variety. (not all grey) On a side note., perhaps next time you photograph your models, try a sheet of blank paper behind them. It really shows your work better. I almost missed the tower. It blends in with the books so much I didn’t see it on the first shot. When I got to the picture of the real thing, that’s when I saw the tower. So I went back and there it was. Please don’t take this as criticism, I mean no disrespect in any way, but after all the work you did, I don’t want to miss anything!!!! : )

  17. I take no exception at all to your suggestion. In fact, it is a good one!
    Thank you,

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