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Yes….a Phantom – but it’s the last one for a while

Tamiya’s 1/32nd scale F-4J. And wouldn’t ya know – after I [thought] I was finally finished, THEN I noticed that I forgot to paint the NMF section(s) on the elevators. Dammit! Oh well, that shouldn’t be too difficult to remedy if I’m careful with the dreaded masking procedure(s). The only other F-4’s I have in my meager stash is that awful “Chuck Yeager” edition of the Revell 48th kit and that old 32nd Revell F-4G Wild Weasel release (which, after working on Tamiya’s kits, doesn’t look too promising). I think I’ll tackle my Z-M USAF version of the A-1J Skyraider next- I’ve done the Navy version and it was a sweet kit – this one’s basically the same kit with different load-outs and decals. After that, Tamiya’s new 48th Tomcat. And I really need to get that driveway pressure washed! 🙁

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28 responses to Yes….a Phantom – but it’s the last one for a while

  1. Quite the F4 collection you’ve established there, Craig.

  2. Now that’s a nice looking model !, Well done Craig ! I’m looking forward to your Skyraider.

  3. A Pharewell Phantom, you’ll build another, great job.

  4. Great Phantom Craig. The crew look good sitting in the cockpit.

  5. I never tire of Phantoms, Craig! Keep em coming!

  6. Hey Craig, those Revell 1/32 RF-4C, F-4E and G kits are supposed to be pretty nice. Give it a shot. I don’t do a lot of 32 jets, but I’ve been tempted to do an Alabama ANG RF-4C.

  7. An absolute cracker. I was looking at a Phantom walk around about half an hour ago and this build really does fit the bill!

    Does this mean we can expect the ‘roll of honour’ 14 Phantom photo-call post…? (I’d insert one of those casually ‘whistling’ emojis at this point – but I have no idea how to!).

  8. Keep the rollin Craig, the U.S. Military needs them LOL.
    You can never have too many Phantoms.

  9. Always a pleasure to see another Phantom settle into your collection! Probably one of the things that inhibits me from building more of them is having to do that extra work on the stabs with the NMF. I’ve actually thought about pulling all the F-4’s out of my stash, painting all the NMF on the stabs, then throwing them back into their respective boxes so I don’t have to think about it when I consider what to build next!

  10. I think if you could fire her up your driveway would be clean in no time. I know those big Tamiya kits are good quality but it still takes a lot of work to get them to look as good as this, and the crew look really cool.

  11. Craig, you gotta do whut ya gotta do, but don’t stop the Phabulous Phantoms (and their Pharewell) on MY account – or about anyone else around here. I never tire of seeing them – Navy or USAF. – or any other country’s markings, for that matter!

    I remember during in Desert Storm when an F-4 Wild Weasel (I think) flew over my tank at about 100 meters above my head!! We were right on the border (Saudi Arabia/Iraq) and the pilots lined up over my three tanks as they crossed into Iraq. Quite a thrill and LOUD!

    (But I understand your need for a little variety)

  12. the phantom i always the phantom….. beatiful aircraft beatiful work my friend.

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